Gyan Prakash, Deputy GM Operations Hofincons Infotech and Industrial Services


 Gyan Prakash,  Deputy GM Operations Hofincons Infotech and Industrial Services

‘CIOs need to understand business requirements and accordingly the best fitting solutions’  

Commitment as a Tech Head
As a CIO, it is the responsibility to mingle with other business functions to contribute to the business strategy and growth. CIOs can’t work in the silos. Until and unless CIOs feel the pain of business on the surface, they are not able to provide exact solutions for the problem. CIOs need to understand the requirement of business and provide the best-fitted solutions for them

Experience Cell
It is very true that solutions should be provided for the business as per their requirement which is also commercially viable. You need to have deep technical knowledge for new and emerging technologies. Also, CIOs need to know the capability of their workforce/stakeholders before imparting any technology initiative. You can’t impose a labour to work on PC. Skillsets are different for different associates.
On this background, we have implemented biometric at our project sites. Our associates are not well educated in using emails and systems. So we have made a provision for Admin associate to do validation and verification for all associates at the site. Also, we have implemented Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for our project sites and provided access till engineer level only to do the transaction entries. Also, the CMMS system is very simple and one-page data entry form provides ease in the entry with 2G connectivity also.

Adaptability to Organizational Changes
In the current scenario, technology is changing very fast. To manage with this fast pace, IT leaders also need to adapt quickly with the changes and flexibility in choosing the platform. Mostly, I prefer 3rd party solution which easily fits on my core application for smooth and efficient operation in the organization.

Investment Plans for FY 18-19
In FY 2018-19, we are developing our applications in line with customers’ systems and then provide value as an add-on package.


This year we do not have any plans in hardware or data center expansion, as we are taking most of the applications on the cloud also. We have already migrated our business-critical applications on cloud and email on the cloud.



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