Nikhil Kumar Nigam, Associate Director, Technology - Amity University



‘CIOs of today contribute equally like other Stakeholders in Business Strategy’

Commitment as a Tech Head
Today the CIO’s have to think innovatively to develop and frame Digital Transformation Business Plan that can head up change in business productivity and empower the organization with long term promising results. The need of the hour is to be a part of the team in the board room or management to feed in your thoughts of getting technology incorporated and deliver a business plan promising bright results.

Experience Cell
We need to educate the team with upcoming technologies and trend. Innovation is born every second and it takes years to understand and rightly introduce the innovation with the right business model to make it produce desired results. Incorporating the promising technology with non-technical team might give you disaster results. To ensure the same, Provide Education and adequate training and testing modules to the employees., Guide them with right use of social network to keep them updated, Provide them with feedback, Let them break through the barriers of policies and provide them with the platform to work open mindedly (Out of the Box) with a sense of ownership of the project and commitment of delivering desired results.

Adaptability to Organizational Changes
A CIO of today is not just confined to introduce technology and get it implemented, rather he or she is a person who is involved in designing the framework of the business model and equally contributes as the other stakeholders of the organizations. There is always a need of agile and robust network and platform, that not only promises better results but also bring in the ease to transform or incorporate the new technology without failure with pre-study of the model, testing and dry runs, and strong commitment of the technical team after their hardcore study of the technology and its dynamics.

Investment Plans for FY 18-19
I believe it is not about allocating the percentage of the budget, rather there is no budget allocation when it comes to technology and transformation. It all depends on the scale of the industry and their focus and zeal to get the technology implemented. For us we assure not to be confined to any specific budget, as technology has no cost when it comes to its productivity and usability.


Hybrid Cloud, Big Data Analytics and Security stay on the top three areas of innovation and transformation from present to future scenario, as a road of 2018. Emerging Technology Exploration – Enterprise Transformation – Creating a Robust and Secure technology Platform for Integration – Leading to Success in Desired results is always on the top of the agenda. Investing on these are the foremost priority of the organization in the year 2018 that is surely going to boost, motivate and result in innovations.




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