Canon wishes to see itself as the one-stop shop for customers’ printing and office requirements


Canon wishes to see itself as the one-stop shop for customers’ printing and office requirements

K Bhaskhar 
Senior VP – Business Imaging Solutions, Canon India


With the hope to carry forward its growth momentum in 2022-23, Canon is committed to developing new products based on new-age technology innovations to streamline customers’ daily tasks. All its products and solutions are built with the notion of making business simple in mind.

Canon’s mission has always been to bring forward new products and innovative technologies that will help streamline repetitive day-to-day’s tasks and bring in increased convenience, efficiency, and productivity across sectors. Its aim going ahead will be towards diversifying its range of offerings with the addition of newer products to the BIS segment that will enhance Canon’s business outlook and place the brand as the one-stop shop for customers’ printing and office requirements.


With the market evolving after the pandemic, the expectations and needs of customers also continue to change. Canon is mapping these expectations to make products and solutions using advanced technologies to fulfil the demands and requirements of customers, offering them a seamless experience.

Canon has a broad service network spanning 1,000+ locations, and it ensures that all locations receive the same high-quality service. All Canon products include cutting-edge technology that was created with user convenience, security, and cost-efficiency in mind. Moreover, to maintain constant visibility of its products, Canon continues to engage with its customers through social media platforms, along with offline methods wherever required. 

The hybrid era has showcased that it is possible to work from anywhere, with the help of new-age technologies. However, this causes an increase in data generation across organizations. And the increased online transactions not only lead to an exponential growth in data generation but also offered an avenue for cyber attackers to impact an organization’s IT setup through multiple endpoints.

To ensure a secure digital printing experience, Canon’s image RUNNER ADVANCE DX MFD series comes with multiple layers of security that provide complete input to output protection. A few features to highlight include McAfee embedded protection – that protects the device from malware/ransomware attacks. HDD Security (HDD Lock, Encryption and Initialize (Erase)) through which data is automatically erased following each print, copy or scan job to ensure all the company’s data and information is secure. The Uniflow Online software keeps a check on what is getting printed and ensures that printouts can be collected only by the person who has given the print command. Canon’s Document Management Solutions also offer end to end security – from version control to checking audit trails.

Canon strives to be one step ahead by focussing on customer delight. Its goal is to keep enhancing user experience through its technology and service. Canon’s machines offer high uptime at par with industry standards which is made possible by its excellent after sales service support. As a result of, Canon customers are delighted and not just satisfied.

The IT industry is not just a key industry in India, but also the one that shapes the country’s economic growth and development. It forms the backbone of the Indian economy by creating millions of jobs and allowing the society to prosper exponentially
Canon’s aim is to lead its business and customer expectations with the help of technology innovations. It is constantly using new technology platforms and solutions to develop new products that will help to streamline mundane tasks and increase human productivity. Not only in the print and imaging sector, but Canon believes that going forward the IT sector is going to transform every aspect of customers’ personal and professional lives. It is not far away when the IT sector will enable the establishment of a completely digital economy.

With customer requirements changing every 8 to 10 months, Canon is also evolving to bring forth the best products and services for its customers.

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