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Atos aligns its goals to India’s promising digital growth story  


Atos aligns its goals to India’s promising digital growth story  

Umar Ali Shaikh
Chief Executive Officer – Atos India Pvt. Ltd.


Atos relies on its committed and skilled people, robust technological setup, deep focus on innovation, and above all, ourcustomers’ feedback to establish credibility in the market. With a well setup market and industry research team, Atos ensures it has a continuous improvement plan to upscale and to be future ready to match with the evolving technological advancement.

Atos has its own uniqueness of innovation in areas of high importance and priority for the CXO community. Be it Cyber Security, Digital Twin, Cloud, AI, ML, IoT or any critical application that needs to be deployed, Atos ensures that its customers remain up to date with their business. As a point of differentiation, Atos stays focussed on its commitment to the customer and let them be its brand ambassadors. These actions largely take care of its brand positioning among customers.

Atos in India is a member of premium leadership councils to ensure that the brand has the right level of alignment with the CXO communities of India.

Atos has been rated #1 in Cyber Security globally by Gartner. This recognition is a testimony of the confidence that clients have placed in the brand’s cybersecurity services across the globe. Atos works on the following key areas relentlessly to ensure it remains as the #1 choice for customers as their reliable & trustworthy cyber security partner -

Have a robust & state of the art Security Operation Center (SOC)
The best talents and dedicated experts to manage the SOC’s
Constant initiative to make users aware about the ever-changing risks in cyber security and the preventive measures at their level to minimise intrusion to the technology layer.

Brand credibility is a constantly evolving phenomenon. Atos believes that it is important to give a message to its customers about what a brand depicts when they hear about it. And it may not be one single thing. The association of a brand to a certain value can be of two types - one which is constant and long term, and second, which is dynamic and flexible depending on the dynamics of time/technology/demography. In the case of Atos, the first one is something which is associated with the brand always - the trust that Atos brings and maintains all along by delivering the desired solution to its customers. The second one is dynamic, as the brand strives to maintain its leadership position and stay as #1 in the Cyber Security domain.
The other aspect of brand identity is also about how you are known as an employer. In the IT services business, it’s all about people. So, during the pandemic, it was imperative that Atos keeps its customers as well as its people as integrated as possible. Thus, the brand slogan was “We are Atos, We are Together”. Atos is extremely sensitive and careful about the branding aspect and to let its customers and people know what the brand wants to be known for.

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