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BD Software focusing on endpoint security to prevent regular outbreak


BD Software focusing on endpoint security to prevent regular outbreak

Zakir Hussain Rangwala 
CEO, BD Software Distribution 


Focusing on the concerns of cyber security
BD Software is focused on providing robust and cost effective security solutions to the SMB in India. Together with the channel partners it offers the most needed solutions to the customers to secure their digital work. All the solutions distributed by BD Software are focused from endpoint security which is first level security, followed by DLP or Employee Monitoring which is the need of every SMB / Corporate customer due to the times it is in right now and the new work culture, Patch & Asset Management and MDM solutions. The company has also started giving SOC services along with SIEM & Sour solutions. It is also offering Phishing Simulation which helps in getting employees trained in recognizing bad emails and attacks and be careful of the same. So the company offers a complete solution for the SMB right from protection to education. A lot of customers are benefiting from the solutions and the partners are also happy offering the solutions which are backed up by good after sales support.

Critical events and emergency incidents
No matter what solutions are being used for cyber security there will be instances when you are under attack. Always have your IT team geared up for such an incident which can happen anytime. Check from where the attack originated if possible. Isolate the machine or the device from where the attack came. Try to find any remedial solutions available. Educate the user instead of finding the mistake. Always use the best solutions available to minimize the risks. After the attack and recovery – learn about the attack, the entry point, the lapses and work on the policies to avoid them in future. Continuous education to the users will help in preventing regular outbreaks. 

The best practices to avoid cyber threats
Now-a-days a lot of things are happening digitally where we are not in touch with various people and we are working with them indirectly. People who don’t know anything about computers, they have learned about computers and mobile phones and this is a new trend which is happening. Young, old-fashioned people who stayed away from technology are now part of technology daily because everything is dependent on technology. There are a lot of new trends coming in from digital products, digital media and digital things where everything is going digital and you have to learn to work independently without seeing the other one. Along with this cyber threats are also increasing, to avoid these threats customers should note the following points


  • Educate the users not one time but regular
  • Use the best possible solution to avoid breaches
  • Keep a history all outbreaks and fix the leaks to avoid same type of outbreaks again in future
  • Keep backups
  • Please note that you may not be able to stop all outbreaks but being prepared will save lot of time and heartburns
  • Use a good password solution
  • Keep the systems patched up always

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