Sumit Singh, CIO - Wockhardt Hospitals



‘Wockhardt focusing on implementing AI and BI technology in Clinical data’   

Commitment as a Tech Head
The role of a CIO has moved from the back office and rather taken a central role for execution for some of the most critical goals of the organization. The pace of consumerization and innovation in the Information Technology space has only hastened with each passing year. This has both increased expectations and interactions of the CIO with other C-level colleagues, which has resulted in him having a wide view of the business landscape.

Experience Cell
What we have done at Wockhardt is to stay with proven solutions and then ensure the associates are provided learning opportunities; formal as well as time to play in sand box environment to try out small POC and demonstration projects themselves. Further, the CIO has to collaborate with vendor partners as well; who bring some expertise where internal skills fall short. Finally, I would suggest, that skills for bleeding or leading edge technology would always be in short supply, so keep away from them for your core operations till it gets more mainstream traction and acceptability.

Adaptability to Organizational Changes
As the CIO has transitioned from the back office, not only he has to be well aligned with the upcoming plans, this insight has required him to have a nimble operation so as to be a true enabler if not be the leader of this change. Due to this, appropriate choices of IT investment are required. Knowing this, the vendor partners have also taken cognizance to be able to support this form of dynamic IT need and environment.

Investment Plans for FY 18-19
Healthcare is a very competitive space and while coming out doing well at the end of hospitalization is an expectation for the patients, the differentiator is going to be the experience not just for the patient before, during and after the stay, but also the care providers and our own associates. Given that, besides AI/BI, we are looking in to numerous user interaction interfaces and hence the technology stack behind them in the new FY. 


We at Wockhardt have been using HMIS quite extensively for over dozen years. Hence, to capitalize on the data we already have, we have started quite a few initiatives in the space of Big Data Analytics paired with AI techniques and BI applications. Currently we are looking into the clinical data to use AI/BI techniques so that we could improve on various segments in out interactions with our existing and past patients.




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