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Puneesh Lamba CTO Shahi Exports


Puneesh Lamba CTO Shahi Exports

Puneesh Lamba
CTO - Shahi Exports


Responsibilities of the CIO
CIO / CTO was always a leadership role and it is upto the individual to do justice. CIO / CTO is most qualified to influence business strategy these days as not only they understand business processes holistically, they also can imagine and implement technology interventions and can help in creating innovative new business models and digital disruptions.


Key priorities for 2021
CTO’s are becoming more business oriented and have end to end responsibilities to identify, deploy and ensure adoption of technology / digital solutions for solving business problems.


Adopting Work-From Anywhere
Converting all eligible physical processes to virtual processes is the first priority so that activities in the processes can move irrespective of physical presence. RRP is the new mantra where all repetitive, rule based and predictable processes are the first ones to get automated.


Redesigning IT & Security strategy
Remaining ahead of threat actors has always been part of IT strategy and focusing on developing abilities to prevent, detect and respond as well as strengthening agility in responding to an attack has become more important than in the past. Zero trust is gaining significance in strategy.


Agenda of 2021
Largely, 2021 will see completion of the agenda set in 2020 as due to the pandemic the plate of CIO/CTO was already more than full and it is more about priorities in terms of what is more important than anything else. Automation and customer experience management will definitely find a place in every CIO/CTO’s agenda in 2021 and beyond.

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