Adoni Gururaja Rao, Director - IT Services, Telenox Technologies


Adoni Gururaja Rao, Director - IT Services, Telenox Technologies

‘Our investment plans change as per customer requirement’  

Commitment as a Tech Head
In the current scenario of security concerns and automation, the role of CIO/CTO has a bigger responsibility in all the lines of business to infuse growth in the organisation. The role of the CIO/CTO is more important to build the confidence of a customer in the organisation thus enabling the growth in the organisation.

Experience Cell 
I agree to a certain extent that people skill is a major challenge that we face. People skills in today’s worldare very important. The lack of knowledge is due to the bad education system which is not gearing up to the industry standards. Also the needs of people are changing fast and everyone is looking for a quick growth in terms of finance rather than in terms of knowledge. As CIO, it is very much necessary to inculcate the value of knowledge to the team and share our experiences with the team and provide them confidence. Also I believe the volatility in security of the job is not allowing employees to reskill themselves as they are under work and personnel pressure.

Key Priorities
Most of our projects are customer centric and accordingly our investment plans change as per the requirements of the customer.

Adaptability to Organizational Changes 
To a certain extent I do agree that the IT landscape should be dynamic and flexible, but I believe the foundation of the landscape should not change.

Investment Plans forFY 18-19
Our investment plans will be based on customer requirements as most of our projects are customer driven and specific to the customer. Also I believe our IT landscape is strong enough to continue with our existing customers.



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