Anand Ruhela, Head – IT, Kwality Limited


Anand Ruhela, Head – IT,  Kwality Limited

‘Empowering the technical team with emerging technologies should be the focus’ 

Commitment as a Tech Head 

In this fast moving digital age, if we have to stay in competition than we will have to react proactively and understand the changes happening in the business operating model internally and globally and respond to them strategically by adopting the right set of technology to meet the business needs.

Experience Cell
Today everybody in the organization is discussing about new technologies such as Mobility, Data analytics, Cloud, IOT, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain etc. At the same time, the increased demand and complexity of business is leading towards a critical skill gap in the technical stakeholders. The existing technical team needs to have the expertise of the latest technologies and understanding of technical solutions. If you see the current business landscape you will find that only 10 percent of the total employees focus on emerging technologies; in the coming years we may expect that to grow from 10 percent to 40-50 percent of the total employees of the organization. 

Key Priorities
In 2018 while taking forward the journey of Digital Transformation in the organization, we have created the roadmap around Cloud computing, Data Analytics, Mobility, IoT, employee collaboration, Social media & digital customer experience and implementing IT Security with strong checks and control for protecting business Data and IT Assets in the organization. The current initiatives of digital transformation are undertaken in the organization to reshape the entire core network backbone and work on cloud and software defined wide area network capabilities. 

Adaptability to Organizational Changes
Globally organizations approach IT in a very systematic and well thought out manner using the concept of an IT blueprint. We also believe that to achieve cutting edge performance target, we need to transform the flexible and dynamic IT landscape which supports the entire business operations. A key enabler to this transformation is the creation of an IT Strategy that has industry standard processes and is proven in delivery business process efficiencies. However technology alone will not achieve the business goals, it is also through people that business and much of the operational performance improvement will come through.


We will be focusing on accelerating the design phase by building on the process. We will also be focusing on IT Analysis to implement a Business Application solution framework that will bring in benefits driven integrated approach that can deliver sustainable results. It will also address the key dimensions of people, process and technology for such large initiatives.



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