Snehashish Bhattacharjee
Global CEO - Denave


We are all aligning to the new normal in the wake of unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic outbreak. As an organization we are looking at this situation as a catalyst to fast track innovations and working on new service methodologies to continue influencing and enabling sales for our customers. Beyond this over-arching strategy, some of the key priorities for 2020 are –

On the business front: Maintain top line with minimum impact on the bottom line, fast-tracking Denave’s business operation Digitization to improve internal efficiencies and helping customers regain lost ground with innovative new service lines enabling a faster recovery. 

On the Service offering front: Strengthening Denave’s Sales Enablement Service offering with a strong Digital Marketing Service offering as a connector between Marketing and Sales, leveraging Denave’s strong Analytics and Technology DNA and launching new Techno-Digital enabled retail and tele-sales services to adapt to the changing dynamics in the world of sales.


A brand is suitably differentiated in terms of its unique and innovative approach to resolving customer’s pain points, providing superior, seamless and standard customer experience and ultimately converting the customer into ‘brand-vocates’. Denave’s vision is to ‘Deliver value to the global sales ecosystem with progressive sales enablement services.’ It focuses on empowering sellers (which areits customers) through their sales journey with an intelligent mix of people, process, technology and innovation. It has evolved it smarketing strategy with focus on content that answers customer’s query at every step of its purchase journey.

In alignment with the business focus for FY ’20-’21 & strengthening the brand persona as a ‘global sales tech company’, Denave is also investing in developing technology solutions. This primarily means that all its offerings – be it competencies, services or solutions will be hand-in-gloves with technology and digital affinity. All its marketing and brand differentiation efforts are built in accordance with this prime objective.


While the digital transformation journey was supposed to progress as it is in line with our plans, but the current situation definitely pushed the accelerator on all our plans, and for good. Denave’s business model movement has been from service focus toboth service and product focus, all in lieu of enhancing its customer’sexperience! It enables its customers to expand their customer reach, boost their sales strategies with crucial insights pertaining to the market and their target customers with incremental revenue impact. In the present post-pandemic scenario, we have re-aligned our Sellers Journey focus to enable a sales-recovery for our customers. The five broad steps that will enable the road to sales-recovery around which Denave’s present service offerings are focussed are: 


•    Reconnecting with existing and new potential customers;
•    Reaching out with the best offerings quickly;
•    Realigning messages in line with present market conditions and dynamics;
•    Converting customers using new methods in the present remote-interaction world;
•    Fulfilling the customers need in the most effective ways leveraging the sales ecosystem


Evolving trends in AI, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, IoT, Data Analyticsetc. are playing an extensive role in substantial optimization of the sales process. Along with this, the micro-targeting which is resultant of requisite information being captured at the right time, right moment along with the precise need detection, allows minimal time-consuming price negotiations resulting in quick closures.


R&D enables exploring and adopting intelligent solutions and intuitive products which are smart and scalable in keeping with the evolving technology dynamics. This steers the innovative growth –of business, of country and of the countries. In a similar context, the management of R&D activities is a key factor allowing achievement of future growth. The rating factor almost always comprise gross investment in developing/implementing the products/solutions and net income generated. 

At Denave, the significance of R&D is estimated in the same vein. Taking example of its Intelligent Database Management service, which aims at providing contactable, scalable and efficient databases to customers. The service comprises ‘WhitespaceDiscovery’, ‘Data Cleaning’, and ‘Database Profiling’ that helps reduce time and efforts effecting the input cost involved in sales. It employs in-house developed Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) bots that source, clean, standardise and profile data so that customers, primarily giant technology companies, can get high volumes of quality prospects to start their sales and marketing journey on the perfect note. 

Lastly, new normal demands new strategies and with apt research, market understanding & ammunition of its services, Denave is continuing to strengthen the sales ecosystem while leveraging the new opportunities which the market has presented. 


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