A10 Networks strengthening its technology roadmap and aligning its market requirements


A10 Networks strengthening its technology roadmap and aligning its market requirements

Sanjai Gangadharan
Regional Director 
A10 Networks SAARC


Digital transformation is the underpinning driver of technology today across the globe and across all industry verticals. Long-standing challenges like security and new trends like IoT and 5G are helping to shape the path that digital transformation takes for enterprises and service providers alike. The ever-expanding challenge of realigning security and IT operations to encompass a sprawling, complex multi-cloud world, the growth of IoT and evolution of mobile networks to cloud-native and 5G are all impacting companies’ ability and speed at which they are transforming their businesses.


CIOs, CTOs and CISOs today are concerned about three key themes - how will they help drive growth and revenue; how will they ensure the best customer (and employee) experience and how will they drive further operational efficiencies.


A10 Network’s marketing strategy is focused around communicating how it is helping its customers, service providers and enterprises solve their operational challenges. These include:


•    Providing always available app delivery and security, both on-premises and in the cloud
•    Supporting seamless migration to the cloud with hybrid solutions
•    Securing multi-generational networks throughout the transition to 5G and cloud-native architectures
•    Protecting networks from cyber security attacks that endanger network availability
•    Simplifying IT operations with connected intelligence, automation, machine learning and DevOps/SecOps tools
•    Capturing the benefits of emerging 5G opportunities


A10 Networks is differentiated from its competitors in the sense that it secures application services powered by connected intelligence across its solutions for multi-cloud, edge cloud and 5G, all at hyperscale.

Digital transformation has been happening for several years now and this macro trend is going to continue into 2020 and even beyond. It’s an evolution and enterprises and service providers will take advantage of emerging technologies like the use of multi-cloud and edge cloud infrastructures, IoT that will help drive supply chain efficiencies and new consumer services, and 5G that will open up a whole new set of use cases for businesses and consumers.


A10 Networks is working with its customers to help support their digital transformation initiatives by helping to reduce complexity of IT operations, increase automation and ensure that their business-critical applications are secure and always available.


Attacks are becoming multi-dimensional. As a result, all attacks are focused on ensuring business-critical applications are compromised, thus creating a financial liability by the attackers. Therefore, every attack becomes important to manage. The most important challenge for organisations while moving forward is to get visibility into what is happening on the network so that the right security measures can be implemented.


The growth of SSL traffic in the network has further increased the problems. A10 Networks is focused on helping organisations solve this problem. 


The Digital India drive is the best thing that could have ever happened. Instant results might not be visible out of this initiative as it takes time to bring everyone into the fold of digitization. The geographical spread, the diversity and the population count will further impact the ease of implementation.


However in the long run, the benefits of this drive will clearly be seen. A10 Networks is committed to strengthening its technology roadmap and its alignment to market requirements. The SAARC market is one of the key focus areas for the company.



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