Lenovo sees itself as a trusted data centre partner to its customers


Lenovo sees itself as a trusted data centre partner to its customers

Vivek Sharma
Managing Director India
Lenovo Data Centre Group


Brand Projections 2019

Lenovo empowers its customers’ Intelligent Transformation across capabilities such as IoT, high-performance computing, hybrid cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning, by understanding its customers’ business challenges.

It does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and with no legacy business to protect, Lenovo does not lock its customers into rigid proprietary architecture or software. Lenovo’s unique position as a disruptor in the market enables it to be open to innovating and working with other vendors to strengthen its joint offerings. In fact, Lenovo’s portfolio of data centre infrastructure solutions are designed with the customer in mind and embraces an open ecosystem of partnerships with industry-leading brands such as Nutanix, Microsoft, Red Hat, SAP, and VMware across the entire product lifecycle.

Lenovo is also working on some unique projects such as Lenovo Neptune technology that tackles the problem of traditional data centre cooling, while also keeping sustainability in mind.

Transforming Customer Journey

Lenovo understands that the world is on its way towards a widespread subscription economy. To keep pace with technology that is rapidly evolving, Lenovo recently introduced Lenovo TruScale™ Infrastructure Services, which provides its partners – resellers, VARs and distributors – with a ‘pay-for-what-you-use data centre’ service.

For its partners, Lenovo TruScale™ provides them with opportunities to win new accounts, and the evolving nature of the offering keeps communication channels open throughout the entire contract. This will help partners to foster stronger relationships with the end user, ensuring they’re doing everything they can to meet that customer’s specific needs and become invaluable to the organisation.


Security Action Plan

Security is built into Lenovo’s entire ecosystem from product development, to manufacturing, supply chain and support. Lenovo takes the quality, reliability, and security of the products it sells very seriously. Lenovo employs rigorous business processes, product design, and supply chain controls to ensure our products meet our stringent requirements. As perhaps the most scrutinized server vendor, Lenovo takes extraordinary steps to ensure products are designed to industry standards and built with components from known, reliable suppliers. Lenovo's processes ensure that compromised firmware cannot find its way into our servers once deployed.

It also implements the EICC Code of Conduct through all its supplier contracts and ensures compliance via self-assessments and audits. Incidentally, the EICC Code itself requires implementation of the Code to the next tier of suppliers. It therefore applies across all tiers of its supply chain.


New Tech vis-á-vis R&D

In 2017, Lenovo earmarked a US$1.2 billion investment in artificial intelligence (AI) R&D for the next three to four years, and now operates four AI innovation centres in Morrisville, Stuttgart, Beijing, and Taipei. Lenovo customers can access innovation centre services remotely and have the opportunity to test and refine applications and workloads on a variety of systems optimized for high-performance.

As part of Lenovo's IoT growth plan over the next few years, the company is committed to continued investments in building a portfolio that takes infrastructure to where the data is, whether that be in the traditional data centre, in the cloud or increasingly, at the edge.

Significant investments in the IoT and Telco offerings over the past year have been made with several strategic partners such as Pivot3, Scale Computing, VMware, Intel, and Orange Business Services, to enable connectivity from edge to data centre.


Name of the Founder :
Liu Chuanzhi
Headquarter: Headquarter is located in Hong Kong, with key operations centers in Beijing and Morrisville, North Carolina
Year of inception: 1984
Interesting Facts :
• Lenovo Data Centre Group enjoyed continued hyper growth in Hyperscale and Software Defined infrastructure, and increased its lead as #1 in the  world's TOP500 supercomputer rankings, with 140 of the top 500 supercomputers being Lenovo  installations
The path-breaking products/solutions from last FY :
• Lenovo and NetApp form global strategic  partnership to co-develop range of Lenovo- branded storage products that combine NetApp's industry-leading all-flash data management solutions with Lenovo's award-winning ThinkSystem
• Lenovo announces Lenovo TruScale™ Infrastructure Services, a subscription-based offering that allows customers to use and pay for data center hardware and services – on- premise  or at a customer-preferred location – without  having to purchase the equipment.
• Lenovo unveiled its ThinkSystem SE350 edge server, putting increased processing power, storage and network closer to where data is  generated, allowing actions resulting from the  analysis of that data to take place more quickly.

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