Citrix endorses its commitment to the digitization vision


Citrix endorses its commitment to the digitization vision

Ravindra Kelkar
Area Vice President, Sales & Services
India Sub-continent, Citrix


Brand Projections 2019

In 2019, Citrix aims to significantly increase its market visibility by growing beyond traditional area of virtualization into digital workspace thereby ensuring differentiation in terms of its positioning. Encouraging partners to reach beyond core virtualization products and focus on high growth areas of Workspace, Networking and Analytics will be a potential game-changer for Citrix.

The redefinition of workplaces, culmination of mobile work and millennial entrants in the workforce, coupled with the rapid pace of digitization are majorly responsible for an overall change in how work is traditionally done. In this evolving landscape, Citrix finds itself well positioned to support organizations through these changes. Citrix looks to expanding its market presence by being able to meet the needs of more users, by means of products like Citrix Workspace enveloped in a Citrix Cloud.

With the proliferation and growth of digital tools through technologically enhanced workspaces, Citrix looks forward to working closely with its partners in 2019 to change the entire industry together.


Transforming Customer Journey

In 2019, customers will realise the importance of digital transformation that will be experienced by everyone, across organizational verticals. Citrix believes there are three trends that will gain prominence this year – analytics, cloud and customer experience. Enriching employee experience by improving infrastructure and thereby the interface, in particular will take precedence in an organization’s priority list.

Further, the next step forward with the availability of analytics, along with cloud at the core, would be to provide unified access of information to employees, irrespective of the device. With this flexibility, organizations must also ensure retention of an added layer of security.

Presenting a highly capable interface is a point of differentiation for Citrix and with an upgraded portfolio, it’s going to be easier to present Citrix solutions directly to business leaders. For Citrix partners, this results in opportunities to sell a wide-ranging set of solutions to existing customers, and also opportunities to win new ones.


New Tech vis-á-vis R&D

As India moves towards digitization at a rapid pace, a recent Gartner study predicts India’s IT spending to grow 6.7% in 2019 to $89 billion. With the government increasing its IT spend and encouraging digitization through Digital India efforts, India is believed to be on the fast track to embrace digitization.

Citrix’s commitment to the digitization vision is evident through its R&D centre located in Bangalore that is one of the largest locations worldwide for the company that has helped to understand customer needs better, in the product development stage itself.


Name of the Founder :
Ed Iacobucci
Headquarter                : Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Year of inception        : 1989
Interesting Facts :
• Citrix announced the elevation of Ravindra Kelkar to Area Vice President, Sales & Services, India
    Sub-continent, from his previous role as Senior Director, Enterprise & Public Sector, Citrix India
• Citrix Systems has announced the acquisition Sapho,  which will enhance the guided work capabilities within
    Citrix Workspace.




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