Dr. Deepak Kumar Sahu, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief - VARINDIA


 Dr. Deepak Kumar Sahu, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief - VARINDIA

We’re delighted to unveil the eighth edition of the Brand Book. The Brand Book provides a penetrating insight on how the technology is changing the world, where the brands are playing a critical role in the over-crowded market place with their various services offerings. This research-driven Book brings unique reference materials on the ICT sector, where the technology leaders speak on their experience cell and chalk out annual strategies to reach out to the CXO community.

Putting together this issue has made us happy. As we went through various strategies planned by the corporates for addressing the industry at large, we realised that most of the companies have different go-to-market approach to address the customers and it is never the same. The year 2019 is the transformative year to continue on the transformation path and expand even more into adopting cutting edge immersive technologies. I envision four emerging technology areas that will significantly impact our lives in 2019, this includes, the Internet of Things and Smart Cities, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Quantum Computing and Cybersecurity (and Risk Management).

The 8th edition of the Brand Book provides an extremely compact presentation of several brands, which are most useful branding concepts and best practices followed by the corporates on the essential principles of branding like their brand strategy, brand portfolios, and brand building in various spaces and verticals. This will also throw light on how the Disruptive technologies involve in disruptive business models, which can undermine the advantages of incumbents.

Many corporations, organizations and agencies have continued to be breached throughout 2019 despite cyber-security investments on information assurance. The cyber threats grow more sophisticated and deadly with each passing year. In this year we will be facing a new and more sophisticated array of physical security and cyber-security challenges (including automated hacker tools) that pose significant risk to people, places and commercial networks. The physical has merged with the digital in the cyber-security ecosystem. The more we are digitally interconnected in our work and personal lives, the more we are vulnerable. Now everyone is connected with anything, is a target and this will have significant impact in our lives in 2019.

In the Brand book we have taken utmost care to feature rightful recognition of companies which have made their presence strong to expand their business and services across the country and recognised them in two different categories – the Most Trusted Company and Most Admired Brands. The survey and related data modelling quantify consumer perceptions of product and services, preference and trust in after sales services, and the future of their connected lifestyles.

The Indian ICT marketplace is further going to experience very rapid diffusion in the coming decade. There is no doubt that digital technology helps to open new doors to innovation. At the same time digital transformation is on top of the agenda for the CIOs in 2019. They revel digital business is one of the core investment area for CIOs. Forty-six percent plan to increase their investment in digital business initiatives. Core system improvements and transformations, such as legacy modernizations are becoming more important.

A survey was conducted by interviewing 1000 CIOs on 10 different verticals in India, and the revealing facts are very interesting. IT/ITES organizations are already experimenting with technology, including chatbots and other AI tools, in search of enhancing the automation quotient. They are running pilot projects and seem well on course for adoption. The survey results, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) at 43%, Artificial Intelligence (AI) at 32% and Internet of Things (IoT) at 32% are among the most likely technology areas to see the most significant investments. They also view IT governance and risk as one of the top challenges for their organizations as far as complexity and priority are concerned. We have published this in a separate section - “Eminent CIOs of India”. The objective of this survey was to assist CIOs along with other IT leaders to prepare themselves for radical changes in the sector so that they are not left behind. Most businesses that have solid business plans from Chief Information /Investment/ Involvement officer and good management are growing. Most CIOs today, desire to have more control on their company’s technology.

Keeping you up-to-date on the latest news, covering major trade shows and latest happenings in the industry, let me take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to our valued readers, we have accomplished so much just because of you. Thank you again for taking the time for voting and giving us your valuable feedback on the survey. We hope to connect you to a larger community and make sure to stay tuned for more information by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on mybrandbook.co.in. 


Thank you for being the best readers ever!

Dr. Deepak Kumar Sahu
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief


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