Milind G. Mungale Executive VP & CISO NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Ltd.


Milind G. Mungale  Executive VP & CISO  NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Ltd.

“A CISO needs to re-define his role as an enabler, supporter and contributor to technology transformation”



Redefined CIO role  
CISO role needs to be changed from a speed breaker to a facilitator/enabler. Considering the present circumstances of cyber threats and information security challenges, no CTO or business function head wants this hanging sword on their head which is attempting to take the organisation to newer heights by providing better technology with faster implementation cycle. As long as CISOs consider themselves a part of that journey as a contributor and provides value proposition with knowledge and awareness about the trending technology and emerging threat landscapes, CISOs would be one of the core stake holders in such initiatives. In nutshell, CISO needs to re-define the role as an enabler, supporter and contributor to the technology transformation that CTO wishes to bring in for advancing the business of the organisation.


Security Strategy
Like Security strategy for 2019 has to have an important component of reviewing the practices and systems deployed within the organisation to keep the same secured. Second, strategy needs to account for changing trends where the insider threats are on rise as compared to outsider threats. Thorough assessment of internal processes, systems, accesses given to key employees have to be done but not like a compliance audit but with the motive of finding the smallest gap that might have percolated and remained there which can be now exploited. Third, monitoring and being aware about the variations in the operational behaviour of all and any activity falling in reasonable doubt band needs to be immediately alerted and investigated.


Key Priorities
Like the way businesses are embracing digital transformation, CISO also needs to have digital transformation in their own functional area. Innovative trends, fast changing and vastly spread threat landscapes and emerging methods deployed are steeply raising the challenges for CISO to identify/detect and prevent/mitigate the actions that could have grave impact on the organisation. Therefore key priorities of CISO in 2019 could be to review the present working of the information/cyber security function group and weed out the process/systems where digital transformation will help in making things faster, better and more deeper within the functions falling is CISO responsibility domain. Standard and fixed set of algorithms, manual work dependency etc. need to be transformed by usage of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning etc. To summarise, CISO needs to Digitally Transform their own operations during the year 2019.


 “Digital transformation itself is not an issue; it is the pace at which digital transformation is happening, that poses real challenge to the CISO. First and foremost thing that CISO needs to do is to remain abreast with the fast advancing technology. “

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