Leveraging new technologies is the business strategy of today’s enterprises


Leveraging new technologies is the business strategy of today’s enterprises

Emerging Marketing strategies 


Business growth and development are highly dependent on how an organisation’s marketing strategies align with the business objectives. A good mix of traditional marketing programs with digital campaigns is essential in driving customer awareness, demand generation and business closures. They apply to large firms, as well as SMEs and start-ups alike. The only difference that sets them apart is their acquired level of business maturity. 


Technology and data are taking centre stage in influencing marketing strategies – whether it is providing insights about consumer behaviour though analytics, or helping businesses to tailor the user experience. AI and IoT driven CX innovations are now allowing companies to anticipate customer needs based on location, weather and even mood, to drive meaningful proactive decisions at the moment of truth. Large, medium enterprises and start-ups are faced with many challenges, but they should focus on newer technologies to deliver exceptional customer experience.


The phenomenal transformation we are witnessing in almost everything around us today is being fundamentally driven by technology. We are living in an age when, enterprises that are not leveraging the business potential of new technologies while developing their strategy roadmap will find it hard to survive. Over the past year, emerging technologies like predictive analytics, blockchain, chatbots have taken centre stage.


Good data for a Good Brand Strategy 


Enterprises around the world use Oracle to accelerate and transform their core business. Oracle is a peerless technology brand built to connect with our 400,000 plus global customers through clear voice, modern design and engaging digital communities. Across myriad industries and over 100 countries, Oracle is empowering organizations to thrive in a world that is more digital, connected, and competitive than ever.


The Oracle brand was launched with our secure, scalable databases that ushered in a new paradigm in computing. Today, Oracle ranks #17 in Interbrand’s Most Valuable Global Brands with a brand valuation of $26.5 billion. Our position has consistently climbed for more than a decade. This is a direct reflection of our own transition to a digital-first and customer-centric company, building a team of unparalleled talent relentlessly focused on customer success. 


Impact of Digitization on Businesses


We are living in dynamic times where nothing is permanent except change. Technology, without any doubt has been playing a fundamental role in today’s transformative world. It is changing at such a rapid pace that organizations are finding it difficult to keep up. At the same time, evolution of consumer behaviour is also a matter of great concern for organizations across sectors.  


Chatbots will be one of the key technologies that will be found in every organisation’s strategic customer experience (CX) roadmap in the coming year. From next year, increasingly sophisticated conversational platforms will be developed; creating chatbots that will feel completely natural to talk to - replacing the currently, relatively unsophisticated interfaces. There will be a growing number of specialised ‘intelligent bots’ that will interact and learn from each other – something all marketers, CEOs, customer service specialists need to be prepared for.


Blockchain technology will develop more and will be used by a wider range of industries other than just for crypto-currencies. The emergence of enterprise-grade blockchain cloud services will help to bridge the skill gap. Blockchain will find usage in any business and any industry, where there is need for a set of records to be shared across multiple trading partners, individuals or business entities like in financial services and supply chains.


The common thread between all these trends is the application of technology in day-to-day life. Technology will continue to change how we work, consume services and live our lives.


Srikanth Doranadula
Sr Director & Head Alliances & Channels,
Oracle India

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