Leaderpreneurship Agenda for 2017 & beyond


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The future is snapped from the past. Linearity is gone. This is what is re-writing the rules of business models, success & winning strategies. The greatest challenge that leaderpreneurs are thinking of is not in running operations & making money today, but in staying competitive and relevant in future.


It is generally said that there are two kinds of people. One who create jobs and others who fill them. Those in the first category are called entrepreneurs; and they exhibit many common traits such as risk taking, drive, creativity, hardwork, adaptability, resilience & networking. However, not all entrepreneurs are same. It is interesting to look at leader entrepreneurs. Even more interesting is to look at, what I call, ‘The Leaderpreneurship agenda’. But first, lets build the context. I have been working in the corporate world for the last 30 years. Have seen lot of changes, led many, failed in few but mostly cherished the outcomes. While I see virtues of change, I am seeing a big difference between the so called ‘old world’ & the ‘new world’ era. The old world changes were gradual, less intense and infrequent. The new world changes are radical, more intense and frequent. In fact, as they say, the old world changed but the new world transforms. We have entered into the phase of dis-countinuity. 
If future is not an easy extension of the past, our playing field is a big leveler then. Experience & size of organization will hardly matter. Agility & change quotient is beginning to matter more. This is a huge opportunity when SMEslook outside as old & large are shaking. This is a huge threat, when SMEs look inside as most have rarely considered changing.

Many of us often, don’t recognize that the ‘change & transformation’ Is not the concept limited and relevant to large enterprises only?  This wind, like any other wind, encompasses all and will not bypass small organisations. In fact storms lift lighter objects and churn them more. While leading strategy practice in the south & south east region, I realized that there are five aspects that the ‘Leaderpreneurs’ are constantly re-jigging.

The first & possibly the most important is examining & re-examining the process of Value creation. The question what business we are in, is not relevant. What Value are we creating, how are we creating and how best can we create same value using alternative ways etc are the right questions for change. The second is the business model that we deploy. Experts say there are 55 models that all businesses of the world fall into. Extending to businesses that follow same business model is a good change charter, or, sometimes re-architecting our business on a different business model to grab next opportunities is the right course. Thirdly, identifying & re-formatting our competitive edge to make it sustainable & to ensure no-one pushes us out of business. One such ‘change’ aspect gaining ground for differentiated edge is ‘Customer experience’ (CX in short). There is so much to change in this domain in India. Fourthly re-configuring the workplace resource optimisations to enhance productivity & lastly readying our organization with essential missing capabilities whether for people, practices, processes, partnerships & propositions. In short, many compelling reasons to be an author of the book where each change is a turning page in the script.

Dr. Alok Bharadwaj
Founder & MD- CreoVate Transformations & Consulting

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