Leap of faith in SMAC 


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We are continuously working to improve the patient experience with the hospital by leveraging technology. We believe that technology is a strategy and an enabler across strata. And we focus, on improving ourselves and making people smile in an otherwise tough environment.

Business outlook in 2017? 

Business outlook is looking tough with the economic scenario changing in the world. It is time for Indians to realize the value of SMAC and harvest it. That will be a leap of faith for the industry and reach out to a bigger population. Banks and airline industry has already proved it. Thereby making the idiom true which says, that the gravy train has left the station. Secondly, we are evaluating various processes to harvest the power of SMAC. We will be using it to make the patient interaction with the hospital a more pleasant experience

Plans w.r.t. digitization and technology transformation in 2017? 

We are going to make a leap of faith in SMAC and working on projects to make a difference on the way patients interact with the hospital. Maybe raising the bar to the next level. We are in the process of using SMAC and transform the way, we interact with our patients. The projects are already under way and once completed, it will be an ubiquitous experience for the patient to interact and hopefully, improve the ways hospitals interact.

Rajesh Batra
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani hospital & medical research Institute 

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