Your Camera is a cyber-spy for you...!!!



Do we have the camera with a button for ON / OFF including a Black Cover on It.....!!! 

In this digitally transformed era, imaging technology giving a whole new meaning to the idea of painting by digits, and it is used to capture photo or video and much more. It is advised you to better cover the webcam /microphone with a cover/ black tape.Smartphone cameras are possibly the most frequently-used technology of today. Most of the mobile phone brands they promote the product as the powerful cameras , camera phone to take beter pictures but surprisingly now one educates on this vulnerabilities effect.

Most smartphone makers now claim that the cameras on their premium devices are a good as professional cameras. Considering how many top smartphones are now priced around or above $1,000, it can be considered a plus that they include increasingly more powerful and quality driven cameras that are simple enough for the average user to master. Some smartphone camera features come standard and help users set up stellar shots automatically. Other features may have to be activated, but are typically easy to access within a phone's camera app.With this the future of the samrt phone are coming under hamering.

With the growing popularity of social media like Facebook,Twitter and Instagram, it’s increasingly important because as more than 3 billion people around the world now use social media  and users now have to cautious on the various services are being offered as the value added services. Secondly, smartphones had disrupted the majority of teens’ lives, including time they used to spend socializing in person and sleeping.

 Before few days, a mail received by me had an warning message for hacking my shared folder in the Laptop ,contact details and mailbox details...bla..bla..!!!
 Online also there are different articles and informations related to spy camera...

Is it true that some one spying me...???  and is it mandatory to have a cover and on / off button on camera for any digital devices who are using this technologies like Laptop, Mobile etc...???

 --- Yes It should be mandatory ....!!!

Most of us are using Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Viber etc. for a better online communication and hence during installation of the above apps needs permission and accessibility on camera & microphones.

 But you should know that, When a user grants an app access to their camera and microphone, the app could do the following:

     - Access both the front and the back camera.
     - Record you at any time the app is in the foreground.
     - Take pictures and videos without telling you.
     - Upload the pictures and videos without telling you.
     - Upload the pictures/videos it takes immediately.
     - Run real-time face recognition to detect facial features or expressions.
     - Livestream the camera on to the internet.
     - Can Detect if the user is on their phone alone, or watching together with a second person.
     -Upload random frames of the video stream to your web service and run a proper face recognition software which can find existing photos of you on the internet and create a 3D model based on your face.

For an instance, let us say an app which is getting the above freedom and accessibility on your personal phone, then definitely a database can store all these information driven by the apps itself. The app may tracks every move of this person, from brushing their teeth to going to work. To grabbing a bite to eat with their co-worker to intimate moments with a loved one. This is the power of apps that have access to your camera and microphone. Even if more calibrated AI driven apps can tune in to your phone calls, read your messages, capture pictures of you, stream videos of you, read your emails, steal your files … at any moment.

 Here I can put another example.

 On the ethical hacking platform Kali, an application called Metasploit - It uses an Adobe Reader  make use to open a listener (root operator) on the user’s computer. 

 Once an user opens this PDF file, the hacker have total control over their device remotely and then:

      - Install whatever software/app they like on the user’s device.
      - Use a keylogger to grab all of their passwords.
      - Steal all documents from the device.
      - Take pictures and stream videos from their camera.
      - Capture past or live audio from the microphone.
      - Upload incriminating images/documents to their PC etc.

And, if it’s not enough that your phone or Laptop are tracking you – surveillance cameras in shops and streets are also tracking you too. An interesting web App - InSeCam, which allows any person online to watch surveillance cameras free of charge ...!!! It even allows you to search cameras by location, city, time zone, device manufacturer, and specify whether you want to see a kitchen, bar, restaurant or bedroom etc...

As our smartphones are more versatile and travel everywhere with us, they are also more of a target for hackers and crooks to break into. After all, once they hack a phone camera, they can easily see much more than what a laptop would be able to show." Meaning that it would be a good idea to cover your phone's camera.To keep your camera safe from being compromised there are a few things you can definately do like to have a strong password, and tape the camera just in case. You can simply block the view of you from your camera with tape or specially made stickers for your phone. Taping your phone's front facing camera is an exercise in precaution.

 How would we feel if someone is standing outside our bedroom window, staring in through the curtains ....???

 However, what do we do when everyone is being monitored ....??? Few brands have realised the fact and had also come out with sliding camera.

 We shake our head, and try to forget it’s happening and will try to go on with our lives and ignore the constant harassment that we’re being watched.

 Or we will wait till the upcoming products ( Laptop/Tablets/Mobile phones) will have camera with a button for ON / OFF or a Black Cover on It.....!!! 

 Or like the cigarette packets all these products will have an Waring Message tag -- It may hack your Privacy ….???

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