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Commvault leading the next generation of data protection through an integrated approach


Commvault leading the next generation of data protection through an integrated approach

Balaji Rao 
Area Vice President, India & SAARC, Commvault 


A valued brand, Commvault reinforces the commitment to protect customer data in a challenging world. This year, Commvault’s key priority is to secure, defend, and recover data with its robust suite of proactive capabilities, real-time visibility, and early warnings. Its unique unified platform assists companies to simplify management and optimize costs by combining software, SaaS, and appliances within their data protection strategy.  
Commvault helps customers stay ahead of the curve with its innovative offerings which have always been first to market. This includes its recently added solutions of Metallic ThreatWise, managed cloud storage (Metallic Recovery Reserve), Security IQ dashboards, and even SaaS-delivered security for enterprise workloads like SAP HANA or comprehensive cloud-native protection.  


In today’s dynamic and data-driven world, IT forms the backbone of a thriving digital era– pervading all aspects of business operations and life. One of the most impactful by-products of this movement is the unprecedented data sprawl. Data has risen to become the strategic asset of an organization, thereby, putting data protection at the forefront of the Indian IT industry. Commvault is reimagining the future by assessing data infrastructure with a unified architecture that is designed to help companies improve business continuity and decrease costs in this hybrid reality. 
Commvault leads the next generation of data protection with a new layer of active defence, rapid recovery, and automation. It recently added ThreatWise to its Metallic portfolio, a proactive approach to cybersecurity that bolsters zero-loss strategy by intercepting a threat before it impacts business assets.    


Commvault is winning the trust of its customers through its comprehensive data protection solutions that can manage and protect all types of data, both on-premises and the cloud. Commvault also offers cost-effective and scalable data recovery options, as well as protection against ransomware attacks and other data breaches. Additionally, Commvault is constantly evolving and adopting new technologies, which give customers the confidence that they are working with a company that is ahead of the curve.  
Commvault continues to receive positive feedback from its customers, whether they have recovered quickly and successfully from a ransomware attack or have achieved significant cost savings. In June, Commvault launched its new security capabilities across its entire portfolio, which will further help customers secure, defend, and recover their data to meet increasingly sophisticated cyber threats head on.  


Commvault brings the best of both worlds to its customers which not only helps eliminate fragmentation but also reduces complexity. This sets Commvault apart from any other vendor in the industry. 
Commvault takes an integrated approach to data security that ensures simplified management, with a consistent UX that avoids misconfiguration, and meets security requirements. Along with establishing solid foundational security to combat new-age threat vectors, Commvault has moved a step ahead with ThreatWise. This industry-first solution enables faster response to growing threats across the data ecosystem. Unlike other data protection vendors who are limited to backup and recovery, Commvault is the only one offering a platform that includes active defense across production and backup data. The result is unprecedented early warning of attacks, active defense to reduce the impact of intrusion and unrivalled data compliance, along with rapid recoverability to reliably deliver business continuity. 


India has the first-ever GCoE of Commvault and has the largest R&D team with over 900 employees present across its Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, and Delhi offices. Commvault’s innovation engine keeps revving with a strong focus on providing next generation of data protection that delivers modern security technologies and practices – including automation and AI.  

Commvault acquired TrapX and Hedvig in the past and has recently collaborated with Microsoft and CyberArk to take data protection to the next level. Commvault continues to invest in new-age technologies to strengthen its portfolio across enterprise software, integrated solution, and Metallic SaaS offerings.

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