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GM with Microsoft to develop a ChatGPT-like virtual assistant for future cars


GM with Microsoft to develop a ChatGPT-like virtual assistant for future cars

General Motors is reportedly expanding its existing partnership with Microsoft to create a ChatGPT-like virtual assistant for drivers. The Michigan-based auto manufacturer wants to utilize Microsoft's investments in OpenAI to help develop the assistant.


Since its November release, the AI chatbot that has been used for essays, writing emails, and more was incorporated into a new version of Microsoft Bing last month. This helped the search engine regain ground on Google and reached 100 million daily active users this week alone.


Microsoft, which has invested billions in OpenAI, also partnered with GM in 2021, as the automaker sought assistance with improving its self-driving technology. GM wants to incorporate the technology that makes ChatGPT possible into an in-car assistant that can respond to verbal commands.


This includes an assistant that's able to pull up a "how to change a flat tire" or capable of diagnosing the seriousness of a check engine light by indicating whether it needs to be addressed immediately or if it can wait.


Scott Miller, GM's vice president of software defined vehicle and operating system, said that a ChatGPT-based assistant could be capable of reciting information typically found in an owners' manual, or be programmed to use functions like a garage door code.

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