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Alpha Max aims to be among the top 5 OEM brands in the next five years


Alpha Max aims to be among the top 5 OEM brands in the next five years

Anirudh Bharara
Director - 
Aggressive Electronics Manufacturing Services Private limited


Brand positioning occurs whether or not a company is proactive in developing a position. However, if the management takes an intelligent, forward-looking approach, it can positively influence its brand positioning in the eyes of its target customers.
Alpha Max technologies Private limited is a start-up that has been a part of large deals in government bids all across the country and even overseas. Its focus this financial year is to reach out to more and more new accounts through its SI partners and in parallel to the channel partners. The company’s priorities are to focus on both segments of networking products, Active and Passive and also do something innovative in new segments.

To reach the “V” one has to be very cautious as reaching the “V” may be a temporary act whereas to retain the position of “V” is not as simple as it may seem. The aim of Alpha Max technologies is to be among the top 5 OEM brands in the next five years who are known for Quality, Responsiveness and Timelines.

We are a Start-up and to imagine all start-ups to be “UNICORN” is not a correct measurement. I believe that not all start-ups face the same issue in climbing up, though hick-ups are similar, which boils down to fund availability to keep the growth curve alive.
Secondly, we love to call our “customers” “partners in growth” and we ensure that all their requirements are tailored to best suit their needs and how we as “agents for change” bring them the same and keep the morale of both high. We have a strong relationship with all System Integrators from different regions we call Clusters and engage in regular discussion to forge forward.

When it boils down to “PRIVACY”, it is the most abused word in the IT industry. In that sense, we are safe to be out of it as we presently manufacture a piece of technology which is “passive” in nature and poses no threat to “privacy”. However, in future when we do commence manufacturing the “active” components, we will follow the privacy guidelines laid down in the policy documentation of the country.

We always see that normally a brand name is associated with the technology which it brings out. We wanted to be a bit different and hence our brand name is different from that of our technology company (AlphaMax vs Aggressive Electronics Manufacturing Services Pvt. Ltd.). To differentiate further, we went on to establish the start-up AlphaMax Technologies Pvt Ltd. to own the brand “AlphaMax” itself.

The brand is the identity of a company and we are as concerned as any other brand or company. We do few things which enables us to stay focused and these things are followed by almost all successful brands –
a)      We give a lot of freedom to our Cluster Heads who are our CEOs in their regions across India
b)      We never promise stars or moon but we promise what we can deliver
c)       We are cautious and keep learning from our mistakes and upgrade us
d)      We value our partners, SIs and “end user Growth Agents” most
e)      We do lot of sessions with our partners and product managers to share knowledge

In spite of fund scarcity, we are doing a lot of marketing activities including hiring a branding agency for social media coverage and advising on marketing trends that we need to focus on.

In the past two years, Alpha Max has been able to penetrate the government domain with few large orders as an OEM and is working on almost half a dozen or more such large-scale projects. There are challenges and they will always remain.

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