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Acuutech continues to deliver support solutions to constantly enhance its customers’ journey


Acuutech continues to deliver support solutions to constantly enhance its customers’ journey

Priti Mehta  
Group Chief Executive Officer, Acuutech


Acuutech with its strong partnership with Lenovo and Microsoft forayed into the India market. The company boasts of solutions like Orchestration, Automation and Turnkey Solutions delivery platform built on Microsoft’s Azure Stack Family that improves customer experience through simplification, by removing technical complexity and simplifying integration between components. It has signed distribution agreements with Savex to enhance its reach across all major cities in India and address the strong growing enterprise segment in India. This also allows the partners to easily deploy Acuutech’s range of integrated offerings into their client base and empower them to drive additional value, in key verticals or areas of specialization.


Acuutech  also works with its partners to run high-quality, deeply informative events & roadshows with their clients and opportunities to help them show the business value and key commercial benefits that Acuutech’s offering can provide, coupled with the value add services the business partner can offer.


Acuutech’s 25 years of expertise has allowed it to refine and deliver tried and tested methodologies to provide repeatable outcomes for its customers and partners. The company has developed a series of turnkey services, business ready solutions and tools to automate the deployment of complex Microsoft cloud platforms, removing human error, allowing remote deployment at scale. It continues to innovate with Microsoft Technologies  and other hardware vendors to deliver additional value-added modular services to complete an overall solution.


Looking at its latest range of integrated, on-premise, hybrid cloud solutions, Acuutech continues to deliver its customers streamlined deployment, migration and support solutions in a way that it constantly improves, refines and enhances the customer journey and ultimately delivers increased business productivity.


For Acuutech, its approach has always been towards an experience driven approach. The way is defines and enables the next wave of technologies offering professional services on leading edge Microsoft technologies. These are designed and framed in an experience centric way. The way it talks about the next wave of Acuutech MESH services and capabilities, these are discussed and framed in an experience centric way. Acuutech can also offer a turnkey modular plat form called AcuutechMESH a simplified systems management etc. It talks in terms of simplified systems management and deployment that does not require technical knowledge, and has billing and commercial terms that are flexible to meet client requirements.


Security is central to all IT platforms and is a multi-layered activity, encompassing technology and process. One of the key challenges for organizations is correctly taking advantage of the security, encryption and protection systems built into the software and operating systems they use.


Acuutech removes the complexity and challenges associated with delivery platforms that are secure and reliable. Through its advanced knowledge of the Microsoft technology landscape, Acuutech configures and combines the suite of security capabilities within the platform to provide protection from the group up. This starts with protecting the base hardware, firmware and operating system with validated components and security-signed drivers and updates.


R&D is core to everything Acuutech does. As an organization at the forefront of advanced Microsoft based technology solutions, Acuutech continues to invest in R&D that allows the company to deliver the latest and most advanced solutions and capabilities to its partners and customers in a way that is simple to deploy and manage. In doing so, it removes the complexity and significant cost inherent utilizing these new technologies in the traditional way, therefore opening them up to a significantly wider audience and market.


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