Sanjay Mahajan, CIO Satin Creditcare



‘CIOs are the real game changers in the digital transformation journey’

Commitment as a Tech Head
I think that every CIO today needs the flexibility to work with new business models, be open to try new ideas and be able to take on feedback. Based on my experience with our customers, I have seen how the role of the CIO has changed as they lead and transform their organizations into the digital future. The innovative use of technology is absolutely accepted as a differentiator, not just in transforming bottom/top line or efficiency, but also in improving customer experience and enabling disruptive growth.

Experience Cell
Focusing on leadership and people skills have always been my top most priority throughout my career as there is no substitute to having a bunch of well stitched motivated people. We give a lot of importance to critical people skills like communication, attitude, adaptability, ability to comprehend business problems, innovative thought process and customer centric approach beyond the technical skill sets required for senior level technology leaders.

Adaptability to Organizational Changes
Our digital journey started around year and a half back and we have successfully implemented a Game Changing technology for our business. One of our key deliverables was to choose the right fit technology for our business and thus we decided on a Buy vs. Build strategy i.e. buying already established off the shelf industry standard product versus building an in-house developed product from scratch & building consensus across cross functional stakeholders.

We adapted to the Build Strategy, completed the development cycle in record 7 months, invested heavily on Infra, rolled out last mile technology in 3 months across 700+ branches in our MFI business, training & building capability of 6000+ workforce & managing the impact of organization changes effectively.

SATIN being an NBFC has taken a big leap in the digital journey to step change business transformation with the intent to maximize our reach to financially excluded population at the bottom of the pyramid and help them enhance their livelihood.

One of our key growth enabler “Strategic Initiative” has been to introduce robust Digital technology touching last mile that helps to overcome the challenges of intense competition, increase productivity, reduced margins by creating a unique competitive advantage thus helping us improve profitability.


Choosing the right resource with critical people skills will always be the key enabler to success. With this fast paced technology enabling disruption, skills and knowledge required over the next decade will hardly have resemblance to the skills and knowledge we have today; so all of us need to learn, unlearn and relearn to stay relevant. The challenges of digital business are real and as CIOs must change the game. While recruiting resources, technical skills are important.




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