“Security is an attitude rather than a practice that should be prevalent in the organization”


“Security is an attitude rather than a practice that should be prevalent in the organization”

Bipradas Bandyopadhyay
CIO - Zuari Infraworld India


Key priorities for 2021
The mandate of ‘being digital’ is not a new one; only it has been accelerated across the industries due to the onset of this pandemic where people movement are restricted and organizations are either fully closed or partially allowed to work from office. The responsibilities of CIO/CTO have undergone a paradigm shift in recent times and that gets reflected in the key priorities set for the year 2021 and beyond. Some of the priorities are -a) enabling organization to work online by ensuring effective co-ordination between various functions within the organization through technological interventions and process improvements, b) enabling organization to present itself effectively and efficiently to the outer world, specially to the customers by way of faster “go-to-market” activities for new products/services and easy to access options provided for existing customers as well.


Adopting Work-From Anywhere
COVID-19 has forced many organizations to allow employees to operate remotely from home which in normal times would not have been thought about only. Industries such as construction, manufacturing etc. had to revamp its operating models overnight and allow accesses to all the concerned employees to ensure business continuity is maintained as and when strict restrictions were imposed by the authorities. Major changes were implemented in terms paperless approvals, online handshaking of various functions, use of collaborative tools at an enterprise level to ensure business operations are performed without any hinderances.


Redesigning IT & Security strategy
Security is an attitude rather than a practice that should be prevalent in the organization. As newer threats emerged from various sources, the security strategy had to undergo many changes and improvements such as ensuring BYOD policy comes under the corporate security framework, removal of un-necessary access of key systems to employees, not allowing social media usage inside the organization generally with exceptions being tightly monitored etc. Overall IT strategy must have key focus on security as without this the strategy becomes vulnerable and susceptible to damages from outsiders.


The short- term IT strategy will focus on ensuring all loose ends are tied up as far as organizational security is concerned whereas medium to long term components of the strategy will focus more on enabling digital transformation inside the organization by means of process improvements and appropriate technological interventions.


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