Factory automation: A key priority of Tata Advanced Systems


Factory automation: A key priority of Tata Advanced Systems

Yogesh Kumar
Head - IT & Business Applications and CISO - Tata Advanced Systems


Key priorities for 2021
Nowadays, CIOs/CTOs are not working in isolation, IT functions have become equal partners in the business. They are being consulted not only for IT but for the strategic initiatives of the organization. Few of the key priorities regarding digitalization are as follows:

·   Industry 4.0 to be adopted faster. Factory automation is one of the key initiatives.
·  Remodel the IT operations to automate maximum so that the IT team can focus on more productive tasks rather than remaining busy with mundane tasks.
·   Cybersecurity to be made stronger
·   Cloud adoption may be done as far as possible
·   Cost saving to be considered as key parameter for evaluation of any technology

Adopting Work-From Anywhere
Business has undergone operational transformation during COVID times. Mode of operation was forced to be changed from work from office to work from anywhere. Industry other than IT was never tuned to suit work from home or work from anywhere. IT teams faced a lot of challenges to meet the sudden requirement. Few of the changes which were adopted by organization are as follows:


·  Maximum workforce was made to operate work from home and further work from anywhere 
     keeping in view of pandemic
·  Cybersecurity was considered as one of the key priority for organization to safeguard themselves against cybersecurity threats
·  Automation solutions were adopted to carry out maximum work without manual intervention
·  Adoption of cloud solutions to scale up/down faster
·  Onboarding video collaboration technologies for virtual meetings


Redesigning IT & Security strategy
Every industry is undergoing transformation keeping in view of the business priorities and mode of operations. We have also re-evaluated our IT strategy. Following are few of the initiatives that we have started taking:

·  Being a manufacturing industry, we were not tuned for the WFH or WFA environment, but due to the pandemic, we had to undergo major 
     transformation and in the shortest possible time. Going forward, we have kept WFH solutions always ready under the BCP plan.
·  Adoption of cloud solutions as far as compliances are taken care off
·  Use of collaboration solutions for virtual meetings rather than encouraging physical meeting to minimize physical contact


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