Data Democratization is an important initiative for Strides


Data Democratization is an important initiative for Strides

Anjani Kumar
CIO - Strides


Responsibilities of the CIO
Business truly has the perception that digital can make a difference and it is important for each CIO to bring differentiation through the digital. There are several ways to bring the turnaround using digital, have clear cut benefits realization and quantify the same post adoption.


Key priorities for 2021
While most companies are in the digital journey, there are not too many companies where digital is involved in all phases of digital enablement through technology - Digitization, Automation, Data Democratization and Innovation.

Pharmaceuticals as an industry has picked up digital transformation later than many other industries but for now we have several initiatives that are ongoing for digitization of manufacturing and quality. 

Automations are done in pockets and being scaled up or the next level of automations are being planned in multiple areas. Data Democratization is one of the most important initiatives and being touched upon all across the company. Innovation through technology is planned in areas like quality, compliance and manufacturing.


Adopting Work-From Anywhere
Like most other manufacturing companies, remote working was scaled up. Several cloud based virtual setups were created. Our cloud footprint has gone up significantly. Multiple applications are enabled for virtual working and newer workflows are being developed for new normal. Equipment integrations in manufacturing and lab have come up as one of the top priorities. Cyber security has been beefed up including SIEM, SOC and XDR solutions.


Redesigning IT & Security strategy
Most of the time any type of enablement whether technological or non-technological comes with some risks. With digital the extent of risks are higher and that is where all the projects have cyber security evaluation as part of impact assessment. Relooking at what is legacy and how to renew v/s what is created in a new way has been important to our Path2Digital Strategy.


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