“We should plan proactive rather reactive”


“We should plan proactive rather reactive”

Sanjay Singh Gahlod
GM - System & IT Department - Oriental Rubber Ind.


Key priorities for 2021
Key priorities should be
1.  IT infrastructure mostly (laptop need to be arrange proactively considering pandemic)
2.  VPN connectivity with secure network so people can use file server and shared folder access securely
3.  Hard copy signature for invoice need to include digital signature
4.  Internet connectivity at home with do’s and don’ts (lengthy and secure password for home Wi-Fi, lock the laptop)
5.  We should have tools like MS Team, Zoom meeting for audio video conferencing with recording for future references, all recording should be backed up.
6.  Regular touch with end users for their IT issue, we should encourage people to work from home and give them the feeling that somebody is there for them to take care (either HR or IT).


Adopting Work-From Anywhere
We should plan proactive rather reactive, now people are taking advantages of pandemic, higher rental or non-availability of IT stuff so we should keep enough stock to handle any situation and best part we should reduce plan at office for landline and rental printer for office, any way people are not going to office so we can reduce rental for printer and landline P.M. rental. So we can save some money.


In an emergency, if we have to allow people to use their personal belongings like laptops then we should have a checklist on how securely we can configure their personal stuff without compromising security.


Redesigning IT & Security strategy
We should deploy a firewall with the best security policy, we should have our pain area list always available with us. We should always be eager for new technology, attending seminars and always update us for new things so we can compare what we have v/s what best is available in the market so we can do analyses of the gaps and needs and try to find out solutions for our pain areas so we can propose new solutions to management.


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