“We at NEC, are planning to adopt cloud wherever possible”


“We at NEC, are planning to adopt cloud wherever possible”

Preeti Kanwar
CIO, CISO & Head – Digital Workplace - NEC Corporation India


Key priorities for 2021
There is a paradigm shift as far as IT is concerned. IT has to support anytime / anywhere way of working to enable the workforce and to provide business continuity. Digitization is an important aspect of anytime/ anywhere enablement. Till sometime back we were discussing about mandatory processes to be automated but now we are struggling how to automate all business processes. I think the struggle is not budget and acceptance now, the struggle is how to deliver at lightning speed, what all tools are available in the market, how to have the landscape of integrated tools and apps for best user experience.


The priorities are online and real time dashboards for board room and executive level reviews. Cloud adoption also is becoming mandatory and is no more optional. Security enhancement of data center, network and end user is also on the high priority. Most of the organizations have very aggressive IT roadmap with action paced projects and stringent timelines. The pace of IT modernization has accelerated a lot.


Adopting Work-From Anywhere
The biggest change is the enablement of anytime / anywhere way of working. The need for IT help desk availability has changed to enable the anytime / anywhere model. IT Asset / consumables management protocols have changed drastically. Security protocols had to be enhanced a lot. We at NEC, are planning to adopt cloud wherever possible. Way of interaction with users at organization level has taken a big shift to ensure that we are able to communicate and connect effectively with users.


Redesigning IT & Security strategy
We need to be on our toes all the time to ensure that we stay secure. “We cannot stay secure by chance, we can only stay secure “by design”.
We have ensured that all mobile devices also have scanning software if VPN needs to be enabled on those devices. Else no official connectivity on mobile devices is permitted.
We have enhanced our end user and data center security protocols a lot. In addition to regular audits, internal random audits have been planned.
One of the most important aspects is “before we secure, we need to know what to secure” – for this we have streamlined our asset management protocols to ensure that all IT assets are covered for compliance check.
During the past few months security has become mandatory and not optional for us.


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