Early adoption of Cloud strategy by Havmor Ice Cream led to easy transition to hybrid work culture during pandemic


Early adoption of Cloud strategy by Havmor Ice Cream led to easy transition to hybrid work culture during pandemic

Dhaval Mankad
VP IT - Havmor Ice Cream


Responsibilities of the CIO
CIO’s role has been changing over the years and it is more of business management role than the technology management role, a CIO need to know the business and work as part of a business team to deliver value to the business, it is not about volume of technology or volume of users but it is more of value addition to the business. A CIO needs to spend time in aligning the right solution partner to the business to meet the requirements rather than knowing the technology. A CIO also needs to focus on building a team which works as a business champion rather than the IT champions, I think these are the few success mantras for newer CIOs.


Key priorities for 2021
Organisations have no choice but to become digital, organisations start leveraging the data and in this journey CIOs play a very pivotal role in driving all the business initiatives to help leverage technology.


CIO needs to start understanding the business and start driving digital initiatives. In this game it is very important that the processes are revisited, simplified with newer ways of working and most importantly the right set of data elements are captured so that this data can be used for digital transformation. It is a journey and one needs to start taking steps, fail fast and move on.


Adopting Work-From Anywhere
We have adopted cloud first strategy since 2018 and all our critical production workloads are on different clouds. We had a population of laptops because of which we had no difficulty in adopting new work from anywhere or a hybrid work culture.  


With a hybrid culture of remote and on premise working, of course the focus also shifted towards security measures for all the end points as well as the cloud landscape.


Redesigning IT & Security strategy
Ensuring security is a continuous process, the COVID pandemic and the increased threats have only put further focus on this area and we have been continuously reviewing our IT security landscape, the organisation security posture to align with the newer requirement and ensure that the data remains secure and we remain protected from all the threats.


We have adopted the newer generation endpoint protection solutions with XDR, multiple cloud backup solutions to have backup copies spread across a different landscape and implementing various cloud security tools as well.


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