Government of West Bengal successfully established itself in transformation towards “being digital”


Government of West Bengal successfully established itself in transformation towards “being digital”

Sanjay Kumar Das
WBCS (Executive), Joint Secretary, Dept. of IT and Electronics & State Information Security Officer,
Govt. of West Bengal


Key priorities for 2021
The State Government of West Bengal in the Dept. of IT&E has adopted the digital transformation at the core of citizen-oriented services and is gradually going towards “Being Digital”. Starting from e-office, e-district, Integrated Financial Management Service to exploring solutions on emerging technology West Bengal has successfully established itself in transformation towards “being digital”. Continuous efforts towards (i) ensuring Data Security by implementing solutions which utilizes anonymous data, (ii) achieving Cyber Security through wide-ranging initiative of Cyber Security Centre of Excellence and generating popular awareness alongside (iii) promoting uses of emerging technologies through laying down implementation guidelines. This way, the State is on the right path towards “being digital”.  


Adopting Work-From Anywhere
Remote working or “Work from Anywhere” is not a new concept. It has been there even before the Covid-19 pandemic hit us. However, it was limited to a few IT organizations. Covid-19 forced most of the organizations and even the Government to become familiar with the term “Work from Home (WfH)” and “Work from Anywhere (WfA)”.


The global economic fall due to pandemic hit lockdown caused immediate reaction by most organizations to ensure business continuity. They adopted technologies to conduct day to day operations digitally – through video conferencing, progress tracking etc.

●  The important pre-requisite before WfH or WfA to succeed is “effective communication” between colleagues, authorities and clients.
●  Data security is another concern when working out of the office’s network. The leading organizations, however, have this matter as per their 
    business continuity plan and keep their assets under VPN to protect its network from unauthorized attacks. Additionally, compliance practices 
     and frequent training on data security and privacy are being imparted.
●  Organizations now have the geographic flexibility when it comes to access to skilled resources as the resource can connect from anywhere. This 
    has given a freehand to the organizations to utilize gig workforce wherever required so as to best utilize resources according to work requirement.


Redesigning IT & Security strategy
Keeping this in mind, Cyber Security Centre of Excellence, West Bengal has been relentlessly imparting customized awareness generation and skill building-trainings on cyber security to govt. employees, police officials, school teachers, professionals from industry as well as common citizens from all walks of life. Focus has been given on a continuous audit process to identify vulnerabilities in Govt. websites and portals. Similarly, Govt. ICT infrastructures are also being audited.


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