“Security has been the pinnacle and a buzz word for our organization”


“Security has been the pinnacle and a buzz word for our organization”

Dr. Harold D’Costa
President -  Cyber Security Corporation


Key priorities for 2021
As a responsible and people centric organization we had to systematize the processes and do a 180-degree change in our environment and redesign our system to make it ready for the digital environment. The priorities we have set for 2021 are:


●  Reengineer the process to make it conducive and make it user friendly for all stakeholders
●  Porting our different applications from heterogeneous to homogeneous environment
●  Minimizing the gap in our system and make it to work according to the best industry standards
●  Continuous improvement and providing end to end solutions


Adopting Work-From Anywhere
Work from Home (WFH) has become the new normal. We had to make seesaw changes so that the organization and other stakeholders do not get to be affected. The major changes adopted were:


●  Identifying the superstars in the organization and making them understand about the pros of working remotely. These officers in turn were assigned to educate others in the organization. In this way we had many trainers who seamlessly made our process easier for others to understand


●  Provide infrastructure to employees to Work from Home.

●  Sanitize the system and fix in relevant patches and software’s

●  Design and deployment of user-friendly e-manual to work on the applications as well as troubleshoot in case of any problem they face

●  Setting up a dedicated call centre in case the employees are stuck on issues related to work procedure. The same was also used by our vendors and customers in case they have any issues related to logistics or any services related to their work.

Redesigning IT & Security strategy
Security has been the pinnacle and a buzz word for our organization. We bought all our servers under the localized environment. An exclusive Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) was signed with all our vendors related to localization of data. Systems critical in nature were isolated and a series of security patches and parameters were set, to ensure that third party access was blocked. Social media sites were blocked with an intention that all stakeholders become more productive. Most of the social media sites are carriers of Malware. Blocking promotional and fake links orchestrated from social media which set up traps for our employees.


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