Anil Ranjan, Head-IT - Macawber Beekay


Anil Ranjan, Head-IT - Macawber Beekay

‘A CIO’s role does not pertain to just running day-to-day IT functions’   

Commitment as a Tech Head
Macawber Beekay being a family-owned business decision making happens very fast. That decision may be a choice of business owner’s only or may be a choice of IT Head/CIO, but in both the cases IT Head must have to suggest all the best available solutions with the objective of revenue growth rather than simply running IT functions. It involves buying technology that can address an organization’s needs both now and in the future.

Experience Cell
We do face challenges of people skills. It’s not that skill is not available in the market, but the problem is to hire multi skilled and efficient candidate in limited budget and to retain that candidate for long time. Sometimes team member is of owner’s reference and not skilled as per requirement, but we still have to keep him in our team. 

Whenever we have to implement a new technology, training is made mandatory by OEM or their partner. But problem comes when after the OEM/Partner training someone lefts the organization. In that case we only have option of hiring a trained person and that’s challenge. 

Challenging situation comes, if there is an IT Consultant who has his own IT Business and is trusted by the owner. In this scenario suppose IT-Head/CIO suggests any solution as per business requirement and that’s in real cheapest and best solution but the consultant does not agree to it as he is not seeing his profit in that solution, and owner do not want to give go ahead without consultant acceptance.

Key Priorities
As my company is in power sector and in manufacturing which is not doing very good at present, we set priorities and plan the investment by keeping this in mind, which should not be just getting the cheapest solution on board, but a solution that can address our organization’s needs, both now and in the future. We have on-premise datacenter and using cloud services also. Our upcoming new investment plan can be for storage, Network device, cloud based services and BYOD. 

Adaptability to Organizational Changes
 We have hybrid solution (Cloud + On-premise). In my opinion Hybrid solution is the best solution for well-established company that has well managed on-premise datacenter. In my opinion, at least for established business who do not want to change their existing application and have on-premise well managed datacenter, hybrid strategy should be the way forward.


Information Security is a very hot topic now a day. There needs to be an organization policy which is approved and forced by top management. But there is no separate vertical/budget for Infosec (information security) and so an IT Head/CIO has to take care of that as a CISO with an IT person without having proper skill. If there is any security lapse, blame comes to the IT Head/CIO, though it’s responsibility of all, from top level to bottom level.



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