Information and cyber security awareness programs are the need of the hour


Information and cyber security awareness programs are the need of the hour

Sandeep Jamdagni
Head IT - Ashiana Housing



Responsibilities of the CIO
CIO carries dual responsibilities of not only driving the IT services and strategy for an organisation, he also acts as an influencer for the new initiatives or digitizing business processes with increase in the value proposition. CIOs have to think like a business executive to drive the digital transformation. If he/she thinks like a business executive, he/she will be in a better state to understand the actual digitization requirement of the business and will be able to make digitalization a success for the organisation.


Key priorities for 2021
CIO’s responsibilities had changed drastically from last one year, earlier digital transformation was thought to be a long process. But now it’s required in real time. One has to be ahead of time. WFH is now normal for traditional companies. People want each and every service/information on their system irrespective of the location. You have to digitize each and every department.


Our main focus will be on upgrading the infrastructure and support services as they are the backbone of an organisation, which carries most critical functions on the backstage to support business.


Adopting Work-From Anywhere
Earlier it was Work from Home for IT/ITES companies, now pandemic has created another front of working for employees as “Work From Anywhere” in every organisation. SSL VPN, Cloud migration and secure cloud share drives are now accepted normally nowadays. We have migrated our native applications to cloud infrastructure, each employee is provided with VPN client and logins. Due to work from anywhere major security threats are also arising day by day, as the perimeter is not the office or cloud infrastructure which is to be secure. One cannot restrict people connecting from any part of the globe. Information and cyber security awareness programs are the need of the hour. Regular updates on email scams and phishing / ransomware email identification are going on. Lots of work has been done in the past one year on corporate information security and still is going on as security is a continuous improvement program.


Redesigning IT & Security strategy
Work from home and work from anywhere concepts had changed all the previous planned and designed security strategy and IT DR/BCP programs. We have to revisit our security strategy, review the security posture of the organisation, security audit considering the new normal of WFH/WFA and make major changes in the security services implementation. Increased our information security awareness sessions with employees. 


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