Marriage with Nick taught me the importance of a partner: Priyanka Chopra


Marriage with Nick taught me the importance of a partner: Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra has confessed that she didn't realise she needed a partner who values and appreciates her work until she married Nick Jonas. She went on to reveal that one thing marriage taught her is the importance of having a partner, who cheers and celebrates your milestones.


Priyanka, who's next upcoming Hollywood movie is The Matrix Resurrection, married the Jonas Brothers member in 2018. The couple had a Christian and Hindu style wedding in India. The couple never cease to show their support to each other's work on social media platforms.


Speaking about the lessons her marriage to Nick has taught her, Priyanka said, “The one thing that my marriage has definitely taught me, which I guess I didn't feel the need to have (and) now I can’t live without is, having your partner give complete credence and credit to the job and the work that I do. It's so amazing when I see how Nick accommodates his life or my achievements or my career and where I have to go and what my choices are -- how it's so important to him that I went. And that was something I didn't realise that I needed -- a cheerleader.”


"The one thing that's most important to me outside of my family is my work. It has stood by me like a rock since I started as 17 years old. And I didn't realize that I needed my partner to understand the value of how much hard work that I've put into building this career on my back. It's really wonderful to have a partner who appreciates that," she added.


Priyanka also said that Nick has influenced her in a big way to become a calmer person. She admitted that she has a calmer approach to life's problems now.


Earlier this year, in his podcast called Time to Walk on Apple's Fitness + platform, Nick had revealed the lessons he learnt from Priyanka. The singer said that Priyanka taught him to slow down in life.


“Sometimes you have to slow down to kick it into high gear again. And, you know, she's taught me a lot about going with the flow and taking it easy, something I'm still wrestling with every day. But it's definitely a better way to live life. Of all the lessons I've learned so far, I think that's the most important, is just to take some time out whether it's a walk or a movie, whatever it is for you. Just take a step back for a minute,” he said.


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