Acer ensuring business continuity of its customers and partners with the power of new technologies


Acer ensuring business continuity of its customers and partners with the power of new technologies

Sanjeev Mehtani
Country Manager - Sales - Acer India


Resilience and Agility through IT Simplicity
Amidst the challenges of the past year, Acer has enjoyed a great set of learnings that have phenomenally changed the way people think and work. In the coming years, Acer will be focused on transforming these learning into actions. 


While the pandemic and economic disruptions are constantly changing the landscape for future work, Acer has understood that new technologies have the power to help companies to pivot and redo their strategies to sustain. Digital transformation is here to remain and will play a vital role in ensuring business continuity. Today, it isn’t about the size of the company, but how agile it is to change that matters. Merging of physical and digital, personalization of communication, and valuing the consumers’ time when they engage with a brand is imperative. Brands are no longer broadcasters, but they should be listeners and responders to intercept the consumer at the right moments to position the brand and product.


Accelerating Digital Transformation
Covid-19 has accelerated the shift to remote working for every business and employee. Acer however has been blessed that it is a technology first company and had business continuity plans in place before the pandemic. In this current scenario, Acer is taking precautionary measures to protect its employees, Acer clients, and business partners. In fact Acer is one of the few companies who has vaccinated 100% of the eligible employees and their families. It also has many employee safety policies which helps them cope with the pandemic.


With technology powering Acer’s internal operations, it has created multiple internal tools that have been in place for various functionalities within the organization and this has helped the company align everyone. The IT team at Acer has taken enough measures to ensure that its workforce can work from anywhere and all of its services and meetings can be performed virtually.


Creating Customer Experience
Doing the right thing for customers and partners has been at the heart of Acer’s mission from the very start of 2020. As a channel-friendly company, Acer has been bringing up programs to educate its partners in the areas of understanding and accommodating the changing consumer behaviours during the ongoing pandemic. To sustain the second wave of COVID-19, Acer has introduced an innovative Omni-Channel experience for its partners and customers. The retail partners of Acer can sell the entire range of Acer products to their customers without holding stock while still enjoying the benefits and margins using the Acer e-store which serves over 20000 pin-codes. The brand helps them offer unique and safe shopping experiences for their customers during the pandemic.


Acer is also generating leads using digital platforms to help retail stores to fulfill Work From Home, Learn From Home, and Gaming From Home segments including enablement of offers that caters to these needs. The channel partners are an extension of Acer and the message it wants to leave for them is that Acer is always there during these uncertain times with its partners. They together will come out of it stronger as Acer will be with its partners at every step of the way. 


Building a Cybersecurity Defense
Cyber attacks on businesses seem to be inevitable, at least with the current situation in the cyber landscape. But this can be avoidable to a certain extent by securing hardware and backing them up by multiple authentications.
To prevent cyberattacks, Acer has robust internal controls in place. The systems of Acer are constantly upgraded, checked and maintained with the highest security standards. Also, employee education is one of the biggest keys to improving business security. Acer conducts cybersecurity awareness training regularly. It believes that by having a well-informed team, Acer will be able to create a much more secure business overall.



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