Being Human Clothing adopted personal / hybrid / shared cloud as its IT strategy for long term


Being Human Clothing adopted personal / hybrid / shared cloud as its IT strategy for long term

Prashant Bokil
CTO - Being Human Clothing


Responsibilities of the CIO
During this changing era, the CIO’s have emerged as Chief Influencer Officers, there are many things that need to be considered here, shortly the requirements of the organizations have been changing and according to that role of CIOs and CTOs have changed appropriate to the business and industry domain needs.


One major part towards awareness about the upcoming technologies and impact of the same on the business processes need to be considered by CIO / CTO, educating stakeholders as a primary requirement may come up. There are many threats while using the newest technologies such as data breach / more intensive ransomware attacks, what sort of precautions need to be taken while saving data on cloud, the structure of cloud data directory or folder needs to be designed very smartly. Protection from virus attacks, unauthorised access from persons or devices, and so many new responsibilities have been added to the role of CIO / CTO. Many of the responsibilities mentioned above may be there in the CIO / CTO role, but the metrics have been changed.


Key priorities for 2021
The technology-driven innovations that were transformational in a previous era have become table stakes for staying in business. It is no longer enough to execute on a digital transformation at the speed of business. CIO/CTO now need digital acceleration — and CIO/CTO need to keep accelerating.


Adopting Work-From Anywhere
The New Normal (Work from Anywhere) brings many challenges or changes required in organizations, as far as our organization is concern, in the month of January 2020, we have implemented our ERP on Cloud, including all data storage on hybrid cloud, which enables smooth working during Covid-19 pandemic as well as “New Normal” or Work from Anywhere. We have implemented all sorts of securities on top of the business data and provide secure access to hybrid cloud with the help of Secure VPN Connectivity.


Redesigning IT & Security strategy
During Work from Anywhere culture, many new threats have emerged, they were there earlier also, but the intensity of those threats had increased drastically. As far as the redesigning IT strategy is concerned, the use of laptops within the organizations has been increased compared to desktops. Use of smartphones and cloud data sharing has been increased.


As I have mentioned earlier we have moved everything to a personal / hybrid / shared cloud and started using it extensively in the month of Jan 2020, hence we have changed our strategies according to being digital or compatible with cloud computing.


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