“So we should consider security based frames at top of the technology”


“So we should consider security based frames at top of the technology”

Yogendra Singh
Head - IT/SAP - Barista Coffee Company


Key priorities for 2021
2020 has introduced dramatic changes in the way industry operates. Pandemic has had a significant impact on many businesses worldwide. Most importantly, 2020 revealed the great importance of digital infrastructure of business operations, as these infrastructures ensured business continuity during the pandemic crises.


Digital Mandate or Priorities for 2021-
●  Maximizing the Benefits of Remote Working in the New Normal
●  Increase productivity and cut costs through Intelligence and Hyper automation
●  Digitize the physical process with IT and OT Alignment
●  Training for IT Team and end users to ensure technology based productivity


Adopting Work-From Anywhere
The spread of pandemic has left the entire world grappling with its negative impact on the economic front. With most of the countries steadily going into lockdown, the businesses across the globe have taken or started taking a hit and nobody knows when the pandemic will get over.


In these difficult times, the primary endeavour of the organizations would be to keep the business and the employees’ immune from the aftermath. However, with the resulting turbulence and uncertainty, organizations would be required to strategically align themselves with the need of the hour and take conscious decisions or even reconsider the ones taken earlier


So there are many changes required to adopt to sustain business
1-  Digital transformation
2-  Remove time and Location based boundaries to allow flexible working hours. KRA and KPI’s should be well placed in the organization
3-  Investment into IT Innovations because future business will be based on Technology.


Redesigning IT & Security strategy
Any technology has two main parts- one is features that we require and second is Security. So while everybody will work from different locations with multiple devices and different internet connections, “Security will be the major concern”. So we should consider security based frames at the top of the technology.


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