Security: A major focus of Ahuja Hive


Security: A major focus of Ahuja Hive

Dr. Chitranjan Kesari
CIO & IT Head - Ahuja Hive


Responsibilities of the CIO
As an influencer or change agent, I am taking my organization on world portal to believe that this is the company which is focused on technology and customer centric approach to help grow in the fast growing market scenario.


I am a true influencer and a true change agent and believe in learning and transferring knowledge to our team. IOT and Automation is one my digital strategy for my project location as we are growing fast and connected devices and automation is one my concern to implement the same. 


Key priorities for 2021
We are working on to focus completely to move from manual to complete digital. We are working on a Salesforce application to digitize all our project locations with automation of data and all. Earlier we moved all our legacy applications on SAAS or some private cloud platform.


We are a fast growing real estate and construction company and our majority of users are working from home or our management sitting overseas locations as this is an MNC, so availability of data is easily available in a secure manner. Right now we can say that we are 100% on cloud.


Adopting Work-From Anywhere
We have been completely working from home for the last one year. Our core project team is traveling, but we are working remotely. Our core digital projects are all online, like SAP on AWS, Microsoft Team and Office 365, Salesforce, etc. Our complete focus is a secure way of using all our applications online.


Redesigning IT & Security strategy
For the short term we are focusing on core security and motivation of our employees to use the proper web portal etc. Due to the fast growing nature of our business, we as a team completely focus on a secure way of using our devices. For the long run, we are planning for the SOC to outsource to check our security properly, respond and update to our users. Security is our major focus area this year.


Our strategy behind this in future also, work from anywhere concept, as though project team are working on project site, but others are working and supporting remotely. ERP, Sales, CRM, Email, Cloud Storage, Security everything is on cloud.


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