Love is love, it doesn’t fade so fast says Sangeeta


Love is love, it doesn’t fade so fast says Sangeeta

Actress Sangeeta Bijlani wants to make a comeback with a web show. Sangeeta is best known for her roles in Hatim Tai and Tridev has been missing on the big screen for a long time.


The actress has however been in touch with the masses through her social media and making public appearances at Salman Khan’s events and social dos’.


Today on her birthday the actress speaks to E Times exclusively and shares her thoughts about her life and her comeback.


Speaking about her relationship with ex Salman Khan she says that connections don’t break and hence she has been able to stay in touch with him for a long time. “Connections don’t break.


Connections never go away……


The love between your partners, school friends never goes away. People will come and go. Nobody will be permanent in life. That does not mean you feel bitter or angry. At one point you evolve.


There was a point in time of my life where I was childish and stupid, but I am a grown up now. Life is full of experiences.


Sangeeta said, she would like to explore web shows. I will take an offer if it appeals to my sensibilities.” She says she wants to do something that is deep and interesting and not the usual kind of content.


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