Crayon Software rejuvenates its brand identity to reflect a massive expansion in its Infrastructure and Services offerings


Crayon Software rejuvenates its brand identity to reflect a massive expansion in its Infrastructure and Services offerings

Vikas Bhonsle
CEO - Crayon India


Crayon Software has kept its spirits high, and in 2020 it has resolved to go high with its aspirations. Starting this year, Crayon Software introduced its security and customer cost optimization measures and updates to a service that improves online Office 365 employee training, as Covid-19 has forced everyone into home offices. Crayon Software services employing cost optimization techniques include: Software Asset Management (Cloud-iQ), Software and Cloud Analytics, Cloud By Design, Office 365 Right Size, and Agreement Optimization.

Crayon Software has also introduced its newly improved Empower-iQ platform as an app within Microsoft Teams that offers online training paths for Office 365 that will help companies scale up their cloud infrastructure while reducing operational costs.

Only in the beginning of this year, Crayon Software strengthened its management team, expanded its market and increased capabilities. In 2020-21, it will continue making significant investments in people, customers, strategic partners, systems, and innovative offerings.

Right now, everything from the financial sector through education and manufacturing is aggressively considering cloud workforces and complete digitalization of their organizations. This is where Crayon Software will be focusing for the coming months.


This year Crayon Software announced its new corporate brand identity aiming to reflect its service-oriented approach in helping customers’ journey into the cloud, while ensuring that their IT estates are right sized, managed and optimized.

It signifies its transformation as a company, moving towards more service-oriented, cloud-based solutions. With Norwegian simplicity in its rebranding, the brand is sending a message that it offers everything a customer needs and nothing he/she does not, and that less is more and this is to create a unique identity for Crayon Software in the market.


Times are difficult and yet Crayon Software is committed to helping its customers to deal with the new normal and help out with business continuity. It is available to map out the best solutions required to keep the work progress intact. Additionally, the company is providing learning tools to help the employees adapt to the new technology and become highly effective in working remotely via Microsoft Teams.  

Crayon Software is committed to the safety of its customers and partners, as much as of its own family. It is operationally leveraging its technology platforms to help collaborate and communicate without disruption and with a connected feel. Crayon Software’s strategy around providing a unified interface for its customers through the INTELLIGENT CLOUD is a substantiation of this experience economy.


There should not be much room for disagreement when it comes to identifying ransomware as the current biggest threat of the times. Cyber criminals are taking advantage of the new normal, where devices are being shifted out of the safety of the workplace firewall. Phishing attacks and data breaches are the biggest threats being witnessed every day. All attempts are to fail the data access or corrupt the data storage. Hence, it is important that organizations focus on this.


It is an age-old dilemma where the budgets are spent on keeping the lights on and very little is left to adopt new technology. Optimisation of business assets and driving efficiency in operations become key in releasing resources to focus on new technology. Innovation is the name of the game today and one needs to be constantly looking at newer and better ways to approach customers’ problems and solving them.

Crayon Software has already developed a state-of-the-art cloud platform that helps it to contribute in a small way towards India’s DIGITAL INDIA initiative. It works with a lot of start-ups, ISVs and born in the cloud technology companies to accelerate their digital transformation journey. Crayon Software’s CLOUD Economics practice coupled with optimisation techniques make technology extremely affordable for customers.


Global Headquarter:    Oslo, Norway
Year of inception:    2002

Interesting Facts:
1.    50% of the workforce engaged in pureplay advisory & consulting services is on software & cloud.
2.    We provide the strongest, robust & most intelligent cloud platform to the 2 most popular hyperscalers in the globe.
3.    We address 80% of Global Market, which represents our services.
4.    We have set up the ISV incubation center. Here we work with ISVs across industries & help them evaluate, based on their technology, the most attractive option on the cloud.
5.    Another unique proposition is that we are one of the very few people, who have the expertise & capability to carry out GDPR assessments for our customers.
6.    We optimize our customers’ Digital IT spends by leveraging the expertise we have in Cloud Analytics. This has helped customers save a significant amount of money by optimizing their Cloud Infrastructures.


Path-breaking services: Software & Cloud Analytics, Advisory & Consulting Services, Managed & Subscription Services, GDPR Experts, Volume Licensing Optimization & Management.


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