Citrix turning employee experience into a competitive edge for organizations


Citrix turning employee experience into a competitive edge for organizations

Ravindra Kelkar
Area Vice President, Indian Subcontinent - Citrix


The past year has been quite an eventful year for technology. There has been a continued focus and support from company board level to use technology as a key business driver. In 2020, Indian businesses and communities will continue to have a transformative impact through technology.


Finally, it’s the employees who make an organization successful. Of late, employee experience has become a centre stage conversation for many organizations. In fact, according to a global study from The Economist Intelligence Unit sponsored by Citrix, the employee experience is especially high on the business agenda in India, leading the world in this regard. 96% of Indian senior executives report that the employee experience has been discussed at senior management levels within their organisation.


Fundamentally, flexibility and ease of use are key pillars to enabling employee experience, which will be crucial for businesses going forward. With solutions like Citrix Workspace in their IT toolbox, Indian enterprises across sectors can experience a simpler and smarter way of working. Further, with Citrix’s recent intelligent workspace offering, enterprises can enable faster data access, lesser distractions and increased efficiency for their employees.

Digital technologies such as cloud based tools in business environments that enhance existing customer base and customer experiences, form an integral part of digital transformation. Customers themselves are the reason behind the major technological changes in companies these days. As modern businesses embrace this digital transformation at a rapid rate, customers will be at the forefront of every crucial decision.


Citrix believes that when an enterprise makes the move to cloud, customer success should be the central focus where the former is serving their needs daily rather than over a long period of time.


Citrix is committed to helping its partners with the right resources to provide indirect support through their customer success centre, and stimulate demand generation. Besides to ensure that its partners are armed with the right expertise for customers, Citrix is also adding deeper persona-based technical training, including improved access to demo systems and internal use programs to the Citrix technical SMEs.


This year, Citrix would also like to reiterate the importance of moving beyond virtualization to digital workspace. Selling Workspace provides partners with increased scale and an opportunity to reach a wider market.


For Citrix, digital transformation is a process and not a one-time project or a single event. According to it, it requires a long-term plan with many smaller sub-steps and milestones. Getting everyone on board by helping them embrace change is an important part of Citrix’s journey.


In line with the government’s focus on the Digital India mission, Citrix is also committed to making digitization a reality for its customers. Its R&D centre located in Bangalore, which is one of the largest locations worldwide, reinforces this commitment of Citrix by helping the company understand customer needs better in the product development stage itself.


Citrix has also recently announced the general availability of enhanced intelligent capabilities of Citrix Workspace, helping organizations turn employee experience into a competitive edge by providing the digital technologies needed to gain the space, to think more creatively and take control of their workdays. Further, with its entire suite of solutions like networking, cloud, analytics and workspace, Citrix is transforming how people work enabling a truly simplified future of work. 


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