Cadyce offers a diverse range of connectivity and networking solutions


Cadyce offers a diverse range of connectivity and networking solutions

Gautam A Shah
Founder and President, CADYCE



Cadyce is a leading networking and lifestyle brand having a global presence. It seeks to be the most preferred brand by offering solutions for connecting, communicating and networking. Cadyce makes it easy to set up a home network and to expand it, as it converts technical products into user-friendly solutions which can be used immediately without any problem. With a diverse range of Cadyce product lines for connectivity and networking solutions, it becomes easy to share music and photographs, to send emails, to stream videos, play games, communicate well and work.


Cadyce products include USB accessories, HDMI cable & Displayport, Mobile accessories, Hubs & docking stations, networking products & accessories and security & surveillance products.



WORK-FROM-HOME & LEARN-FROM-HOME is the new culture for everyone in India.This can be put in place provided all infrastructure like internet, computers with all equipments,  larger work space or home area etc. are available. Work from home is a practical phenomenon for many companies who have applications to do the work from home; others need to diversify and implement automation and digital platforms for the same. For some businesses it’s not a practical option. Work from home depends upon the companies and the products that they are selling. But for schools and colleges, I don’t think learning from home is a preferable option. The School environment really matters to learn, understand, and build a mind that actually helps in shaping the student.


The demand for IT peripherals & accessories depends upon the acceptance and the type of products each company is dealing in. For the business model of Cadyce, the sales team can work from home but the other teams necessarily need to work from office. So being an accessory company, Cadyce prefers to work from office.



Cadyce has an entire range for work from home application. It has a distributor in each city in India. Cadyce is extensively focused on work from home products. For better understanding Cadyce has made a dedicated self explanatory page on its website which clearly states how Cadyce products can be used in work from home application. It is doing an advertisement campaign as well as an EDM Campaign for work from home products, while also doing paid campaigns on all social media platforms etc. 

Cadyce believes in providing its customers the products with the current technological trends which will make their lives easier.

USP of the products –

•         Compact and elegant design with aluminium housing
•         Plug and play, no drivers installation needed
•         User friendly and easy to install
•         Excellent technical support
•         Quick response from Customer Care
•         Easier and shorter RMA process


Cadyce has tied up with FEDEX for all the reverse RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). It has been doing this for more than 5 years now. In fact Cadyce is the only company that has implemented this strategy everywhere in the country. In this model, end customers don’t need to spend a single rupee for service or RMA.



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