BD Soft plans to expand its business countrywide with its vast security portfolio


BD Soft plans to expand its business countrywide with its vast security portfolio

Zakir Hussain, Director - BD Soft India


As India embarks on its digital journey, BD Soft’s key priority for 2020-2021 will be to expand its IT Security Solutions with special focus on SMBs and corporates. It shall be focussing upon broad lines of security solutions in the mid-market that also fits the needs of small businesses. BD Soft wishes to cover the full breadth of the security landscape, by offering endpoint, DLP, and cloud security solutions. Apart from the commercial segments, it shall continue its focus on the non-commercial segments too. 


The other key priority for BD Soft will be to spread its presence at Pan India level by increasing its reseller connect, distribution network, appointing strong partners across various states, and increasing its corporate & government clientele. BD Soft has seen a year on year growth of 30% and with the new financial year, it aims to fasten the pace and numbers. 


BD Soft remains one of the fastest growing IT distributors in India. It has successfully established several partner brands in India. Along with the offline presence, for the Year 2020–21, the company is looking at expanding its digital presence and digital sales of its partner products. Seeing the huge digitalization taking place in every industry, BD Soft is planning to create a dedicated digital space for selling its partner products as well as interact with its audience and build dialogue with them. On the business front, it is looking to appoint distributors for the consumer products in all states and cities of India. Currently BD Soft is engaging with top corporates and helping them with customized solutions for both existing and new clientele. By 2020-2021, it will create a framework to expand in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, thereby expanding its business across the country.


Solutions like Cyber Security, DLP Solutions, End-point Security all are very crucial in securing IoT and smart devices from any malicious threat. However, consumers often ignore the need for this security, due to lack of awareness. For example, Home WiFi is never kept password-protected, since the consumers don’t feel the need for it. BD Soft’s objective is to create awareness among the consumers about the safeguarding of their devices from any suspicious threats or activities, so that their important data isn’t encrypted. It shall educate the customers and make them understand the right type of security solutions for the right type of usage. Apart from this, it shall also be focussing on Customer experience strategy, securing competitive advantage and market dominance. 


There is definitely a lack of awareness in the consumers about the need for security solutions to protect their devices from any threats. Attacks like ransomware, email phishing, or others like crypto-mining and trojans may remain hidden across IT systems until full-fledged attacks are unleashed. Such threats can make companies suffer huge data losses if adequate security measures are not taken. 


Through its partner brands, BD Soft wants to educate the audience about the need for these solutions for both commercial and non-commercial uses. As Indian homes are getting equipped with smart devices, the requirement for these security solutions will only increase. Due to increased threats to organizations, the cyber security market has grown extensively in a short time and is expected to continue on this upward trajectory in the coming years. And that’s where BD Soft finds a potential opportunity to expand with the solutions that it is offering.


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