100 percent of Indian IT managers worry about their current level of cloud security: Sophos


100 percent of Indian IT managers worry about their current level of cloud security: Sophos

As per the survey of Sophos, The State of Cloud Security 2020, 100 % of Indian businesses are concerned about their current level of cloud security, one third (33%) of these organizations find it tough to convince their senior management of the need to invest in cloud security.


Identifying and responding to security incidents (40%) is the biggest public cloud security concern for Indian IT managers followed by managing multiple public cloud providers (37%), data loss/leakage (35%) and sudden increases in cloud spend (34%). Nearly one quarter (24 percent) of Indian IT managers are concerned about lack of visibility of their cloud infrastructure. Surprisingly, only 19% Indian IT managers view lack of staff expertise as a top concern.


“The growing demand for remote working coupled with the growing adoption of public cloud services has exposed businesses to cyber attackers in multiple ways. Attackers are increasingly targeting cloud environments. The numerous and well-publicized breaches of data storage services have raised cloud security awareness, but cybercriminals work diligently to stay one step ahead,” said Sunil Sharma, managing director – sales, Sophos India & SAARC. “While 100 percent of businesses are concerned about their cloud security, it is important for them to understand that cloud security is a shared responsibility and protection from the latest generation of public cloud cyberattacks requires a new level of visibility and synchronized security.”


The survey also points out that 32% of Indian organizations hold themselves responsible for maintaining the security of their organisation’s public cloud environments while 55% of organisations see it as a joint responsibility between them and their cloud services providers/partners.

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