Nokia may launch 43-inch Android TV soon in India


Nokia may launch 43-inch Android TV soon in India

Many smartphone brands are foraying in the smart television market and Nokia is also one of them. The company has launched its first smart TV in partnership with Flipkart a few week back, it is a 55-inch Android TV for a price of Rs 41,999. Soon, Flipkart teased that another variant, possibly a 43-inch one, is in the offing and that it may be launched soon. Now, some promotional posters have been spotted that give more insights into what the 43-inch Nokia-branded Android TV will look like.


As per news source, the 43-inch smart TV model from Nokia will not be any different from the 55-inch version in terms of specifications. It is expected that there will be a downgrade in the size of the TV -- from 55 inches to 43 inches. Flipkart seems poised to reach more users with a toned-down variant that will be priced lower than the 55-inch version. The 43-inch smart TV from Nokia will feature JBL Sound system on its speakers, as shown in the posters. This is in line with the specifications that the Nokia 55-inch smart TV has.


It will support up to 4K resolution content on YouTube, Netflix, and Prime Video. Also, it will support UHD-resolution content on Blu-ray and external sources, such as a USB drive or a hard drive. As per the Flipkart’s teaser for the upcoming model, there will Android 9.0 Pie onboard. The Nokia 43-inch smart television will only be available in India.

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