OnePlus Confirms Data Breach, Sales to tumbled as owners data hacked


OnePlus Confirms Data Breach, Sales to tumbled as owners data hacked

OnePlus handphone has revealed that there was a security breach in their servers and some of the device owners' personal information was compromised.


The Chinese company says that, unauthorised actors have gained access to a number of OnePlus users' data including name, contact number, email and shipping address. However, OnePlus has assured that the hackers have not gained any access to any critical payment information, passwords and all other aspects of the users' accounts are safe.


OnePlus’ statement reads: “We took immediate steps to stop the intruder and reinforce security. Before making this public, we informed our impacted users by email. Right now, we are working with the relevant authorities to further investigate this incident.”, Ziv C,OnePlus security team member said on the official company forum. Oneplus has apologised for failing to protect the OnePlus phone owners' data and promised to improve the security. But, it can be noted that this is the second such incident in two years.


"The data potentially stolen, like your name and address can't be easily changed,” points out ethical hacker John Opdenakker. Among the risks of this data being exposed, criminals can use this information to create phishing mails that appear legit, he says. 


In 2018, OnePlus failed to protect its servers from leaking payment card information of the users. Hackers stole more than 40,000 users' credit card details. Several hundreds of the customers, who had saved card info on OnePlus' e-store, lost money. Cybercriminals used the data to illegally spend the money on purchasing costly merchandises in the international market.

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