LG Electronics India

Sanjeev Mittal Product Group Marketing Head, PC, Monitor & Digital Storage, LGEIL
Sanjeev Mittal Product Group Marketing Head, PC, Monitor & Digital Storage, LGEIL

The Game Plan

Marketing complements business strategy. In the technology space, sometimes these tech advances precede customer’s expectations. In such scenario, the marketing role sets to actualize the business opportunity by identifying them with the customer’s expectations and creating opportunity to have a heads up on potential and competition.
LG’s go-to-market strategy operates in every segment where opportunities for displays are visible. As such, LGEIL is putting in a structure adequately staffed (with domain expertise) to encash opportunities. While doing this, the brand carefully considers sustainability of such a business model to place additional resources.
Marketing would optimize the resources utilized to conduct business. Organizations should consider marketing essential for the success of an organization and devote time and resources. A successful marketing organization would even encompass its employees who would take pride in their organization and products as if they were the owners of the business.
LG is expecting the market to shift to bigger, better resolution (UHD/4K) displays in monitors. At LGEIL, it is driving this trend by connecting with customers and nudging customer’s demand. In large education ICT, the brand foresees cloud-based solutions taking over from hardware-heavy centric deployments. A significant shift is seen in higher customer’s involvement while choosing monitors. Mid-sized IPS panel desktop monitors are being sought after in education ICT projects as they are better suited to collaborative learning, with generally two–three students sharing a workstation. Then again, LG is at the forefront of Ultrawide 21:9 monitors. These are taking over dual monitor deployments as they offer a larger real estate for a user. People using worksheets, multiple PC inputs are switching over fuelling a demand for such monitors.

Emergence of The Digi- Era

Digitization has brought about standardization and innovation to education delivery, created opportunities in e-commerce and M-commerce, Armed Forces are moving towards network warfare, government service delivery is reaching to taluka level and so on and so forth. Overall, an economy on the move, fastest in the world currently, has still got a measly 10% PC penetration. Moving PC penetration to 30% itself would be a $100-billion plus opportunity. To tap into the potential, the government has put in growth motivators like Make-in-India which will create a multiplier effect. From an LG perspective, it has identified untapped opportunities in government sales, enterprises and commercial business where growth rates expected are much higher than the national growth rate. LG is actively looking at this opportunity for growth.

The Differentiator

LG is known for innovation. In its staple business of desktop monitors, the brand has promoted superior IPS panel. LG was the first to produce and continues to remain the largest sellers of Ultrawide monitors and launched the world’s first ChromeBase AIO PC. LG also leads with a significant market share in UltraWide Curved and Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor.