Hitachi Data Systems builds information management and Social Innovation solutions that help businesses to succeed and societies to be safer, healthier and smarter. We focus on big data that offers real value – what we call the Internet of Things that matter.Our IT infrastructure, analytics, content and cloud solutions and services drive strategic management and analysis of the world’s data.Only Hitachi Data Systems integrates the best of information technology and operational technology from across the Hitachi family of companies to deliver the exceptional insight that business and society need to transform and thrive.

No one knows data like Hitachi Data Systems.Since its inception, Hitachi Data Systems has helped the world’s largest and most complex organizations with one thing: data. We have a proven, integrated strategy and portfolio that enable digital transformation through data. Hitachi partners with customers to define and implement an integrated, secure approach to manage, govern, mobilize and analyzedata to uncover insights that lead to better business and social outcomes.

Data Management
Key elements to build the right data management foundation include:
Abstract: Considering the importance of data, it has to live beyond the application that created it,the people who manage it and even the media that stores it. Hitachi’s software-defined Infrastructure ensures that data is independent of applications and infrastructure and available: It can be governed securely, mobilized and analyzed
Automate: For managing modern data, automation is a necessity. Hitachi can automate data and manage infrastructure to free IT resources for higher-value work and reduce manual errors.
Access: Hitachi’s platforms keep theworld’s most demanding applications running, as we guarantee the highest service levels and 100% data availability.
Accelerate: Traditional disks are replaced with flash to ensure that critical applications perform at a pace that can live up to the business demands. Hitachi’s customers have over 250PB of Hitachi Flash Storage accelerating their applications, which are growing every day.

Data Governance and Security
Understanding the importance of data, Hitachi s helpsbusinesses to gain policy-based data governance, integrated protection, encryption and compliance capabilities across their entire data set.
Gartner has ranked Hitachi Content Platform as No. 1 Most Secure Object Store.

Data Mobility
Hitachi mobilizes data in the most secure manner and can aim to turn IT into a data broker. We help to mobilize data through modern applications (Amazon S3), for new business functions like analytics and for employee productivity.

Data Analytics
Data analytics plays a major role in generating Digital transformation, as it provides the insights that powers it. Hitachi’s acquisition of Pentaho enables us to integrate data from sources, analyzeand visualize insights to help business user innovate, monetize and diminish risks. Hitachi has sold more than 2,000 patents for analytics technology, which is the more thanany other company in the world.

Modern IT Environment:
A Must for Digital Transformation
Digital transformation is business transformation and it does not come to organizationseasily, especially for established businesses that were not grown digitally. Every business house is striving to transform and every company is seeking new ways to shift from incremental to exponential growth, which is made possible by digital transformation.

A modern IT environment needs to be coupled with the right data services strategy to makes sure the organization is on the path to reaping the benefits of digital transformation. Together, the modern IT environment and the right data services strategy ensure:
• Modern infrastructure:automated, software-defined, flash- accelerated, converged infrastructure.
• Modern consumption:asset-light, lowertotal cost of ownership, on-demand, secure enterprise hybrid cloud.
• Modern application development:agile, DevOps environment for rapid development and deployment of micro-applications.
• Modern IT delivery:policy-driven, self-serve IT as a service.

Hitachi is committed to bringing organizations the private, public, or most often, hybrid cloud model that meets their requirements. Offering the most flexible consumption options and a true usage-based model, Hitachi’s approach is flexible and open, promises no lock-in and grows as per each organization’sneeds. Powering some of the largest cloud services in the world, Hitachi makes sure that its clients have the confidence to choose enterprise cloud.

A Partner in Your Digital Transformation Today and Tomorrow
Transformation for IT, as with the business, is a journey. With Hitachi, you can use the best of what you have today and team with us to define your unique, data-centric roadmap towards digital transformation.

Hitachi is known for the quality, reliability and innovation you demand, but there is an even bigger reason why Hitachi should be your long-term partner: the Internet of Things (IoT). The volume and complexity of data we struggle to manage today will be dwarfed in the next few years by what is generated by the Internet of Things. Hitachi strives to accelerate digital transformation journey for others. With our unique experience to enable machine data by building necessary tools from sensors to complex machines, which generate IoT data.By adding our deep expertise in core business processes, analytics innovation and vertical industries, we create the solutions that optimize your digital transformation today and tomorrow.