Top IT Brand - Top IT Brand- HID GLOBAL PVT. LTD.
Top IT Brand - Top IT Brand- HID GLOBAL PVT. LTD.

The Game Plan

Over the past several years, HID Global’s mobile solutions have begun to turn phones into ID cards, keys and computer logon tokens while plugging security holes that mobility had initially introduced. In addition to HID Global’s ActivID Tap Authentication for multi-factor authentication to networks, cloud apps and web services, HID Mobile Access sports Bluetooth Smart and NFC to securely open doors with smartphones and other smart devices, while enabling the future use of smart devices for a range of applications. Its breakthrough mobile solutions enable more than one secure identity to reside in a smart device, creating a single device solution for physical and logical access control for a more connected and secure environment.

Emergence of the Digi-Era

HID-Gate-201545The mobile industry is known as one of the most innovative and fast-paced. Industry research firms project that the number of shipped smart connected devices will grow to 1.7 billion units in 2014. This rapid growth is affecting the underlying technologies and standards in mobile devices as more people use their devices in their daily life and new applications are developed. HID Global launched its mobile access solution in India last year. The solution enables the use of digital credentials on NFC – and Bluetooth Smart-enabled smartphones to open doors and significantly improves security while enhancing the user experience by making it easier to deploy and manage keys, as the digital key can be downloaded remotely in real time.

In the enterprise space, adoption of mobile devices is rapid, as employees and customers look for greater productivity and convenience. With a smart mobile device and sufficient IT infrastructure, an enterprise’s employees can access company resources and interact with customers from anywhere in the world. Customers, likewise, benefit from a higher level of service and are, now, closer than ever to their suppliers. Moving forward, continuing advancements will enable a new, more secure identity lifestyle built around the convenience and ubiquity of the ever-present mobile devices. Wearables will be the next to join the device ecosystem, giving users even more choices and flexibility.

The Differentiator

HID Global announced the opening of its design centre in Chennai, India last year that enables the company to deliver more comprehensive product development for customers. The design centre features 10,000 square feet of R&D facility space in the Tamarai Technology Park. The facility represents a significant investment in HID Global’s ongoing advancements in delivery performance and product quality. The centre will accelerate the development of new features and capabilities for genuine HID products and reduce time-to-market for new products. It also features validation and verification service for all electronic and software products and services.

HID Global also enhanced its ActivID authentication offering for digital banking. Financial institutions using mobile banking channels have typically relied on simple passwords or out-of-band transaction verification based on one-time passwords (OTP) tokens sent via SMS to customers’ mobile devices. The new solution works for phone as a token out-of-band verification solution uses transaction signing with private key cryptography over a trusted and secure electronic channel. The communication is encrypted with mutual authentication between the user’s mobile device and the financial institution’s online banking application.